Bestandsextensies die beginnen met de letter S

# Bestandsextensie Bestandsnaam
1 .S Bestandsextensie Source Code Format
2 .S#+A Bestandsextensie RagTime 2
3 .S00 Bestandsextensie ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive
4 .S01 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Distribution Format
5 .S02 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Distribution Format
6 .S03 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Distribution
7 .S04 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed Format Archive (part 5)
8 .S05 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed Format Archive (part 6)
9 .S06 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed Format Archive (part 7)
10 .S07 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed Format Archive (part 8)
11 .S08 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed Format Archive (part 9)
12 .S09 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed Format Archive (part 10)
13 .S10 Bestandsextensie Brasfoot Saved Game Format
14 .S10W Bestandsextensie S10 WebAlbums Data Format
15 .S11 Bestandsextensie Sealed MPEG-1 Video Format
16 .S16 Bestandsextensie Football Manager Game Data Format
17 .S19 Bestandsextensie Motorola S19 Format Record
18 .S1J Bestandsextensie Sealed
19 .S1P Bestandsextensie Touchstone 1 S-parameter Data
20 .S2 Bestandsextensie Stranded II Map
21 .S28 Bestandsextensie Genesis Or Sega32X ROM Image
22 .S2A Bestandsextensie SEAL2 Application
23 .S2D Bestandsextensie Agilent EEsof EDA S-parameter Data
24 .S2DB Bestandsextensie SQLite 2.0 Database Format
25 .S2E Bestandsextensie SWF To EXE Converter Project Format
26 .S2K Bestandsextensie Subtitle
27 .S2M Bestandsextensie Stronghold 2 Map Format
28 .S2MA Bestandsextensie Starcraft 2 Map
29 .S2MH Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Map Header Format
30 .S2MI Bestandsextensie Starcraft 2 Cache
31 .S2ML Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Map Localization Format
32 .S2MV Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Map Preview Format
33 .S2P Bestandsextensie Touchstone 4 S-parameters Data
34 .S2QH Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Localization Header Format
35 .S2QL Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Unit Localization Format
36 .S2R Bestandsextensie RegMagik Data Format
37 .S2S Bestandsextensie Spike2 Script
38 .S2T Bestandsextensie Scia2Tekla Plugin
39 .S2Z Bestandsextensie Heroes Of Newerth Game Data Format
40 .S31 Bestandsextensie SmartWhois
41 .S3D Bestandsextensie Philips 3D Solutions 3D Displays That Show 3D Content
42 .S3DB Bestandsextensie MySQL Database
43 .S3DX Bestandsextensie Shape3D Drawing Format
44 .S3F Bestandsextensie Battle Academy 3D Model Format
45 .S3G Bestandsextensie MakerBot 3D Print Format
46 .S3I Bestandsextensie Scream Tracker 3 Instrument
47 .S3L Bestandsextensie Scorched 3D Model Format
48 .S3M Bestandsextensie ScreamTracker 3 Module
49 .S3P Bestandsextensie Touchstone 9 S-parameters Data
50 .S3T Bestandsextensie Scorched 3D Tankpack
51 .S3Z Bestandsextensie Compressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
52 .S43 Bestandsextensie IAR Assembly Source
53 .S4D Bestandsextensie RIAM AVA Motion S4D Data Format
54 .S4E Bestandsextensie Airplay SDK Header
55 .S4M Bestandsextensie SWAT 4 Map Format
56 .S4P Bestandsextensie Touchstone 16 S-parameters Data
57 .S4UD Bestandsextensie Samsung Smart TV Video Format
58 .S57 Bestandsextensie International Hydrographic Organization Vector Image
59 .S5X Bestandsextensie Heritage Of Kings: The Settlers Map Format
60 .S62 Bestandsextensie Code::Blocks ASM Source Code Format
61 .S6BN Bestandsextensie Word 6 For Mac Template
62 .S6SAVEGAME Bestandsextensie The Settlers Rise Of An Empire Saved Game Format
63 .S7 Bestandsextensie Sibelius Music Notation
64 .S7F Bestandsextensie STEP 7 Project Format
65 .S7P Bestandsextensie SubSeven Trojan
66 .S7Z Bestandsextensie Mac OS X 7-Zip Format
67 .S8 Bestandsextensie SIMUL8 Simulation Data Format
68 .S85 Bestandsextensie Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
69 .S8BN Bestandsextensie Word 98 For Mac Template
70 .S8L Bestandsextensie SAP GUI
71 .S8THEME Bestandsextensie Start8 Theme Format
72 .S98 Bestandsextensie NEC PC-98 Audio
73 .SA1 Bestandsextensie Game Boy Emulator Save Format
74 .SA2 Bestandsextensie Suprise! Adlib Tracker Music Module
75 .SA3 Bestandsextensie WinDS PRO Data Format
76 .SA4 Bestandsextensie Delorme Street Atlas USA
77 .SA5 Bestandsextensie SecretAgent Archive
78 .SA7 Bestandsextensie Street Atlas Map Document
79 .SA8 Bestandsextensie Street Atlas 8 Map Document
80 .SA9 Bestandsextensie Hue And Cry Photoshop Plug-in
81 .SAA Bestandsextensie SecretAgent Encrypted Archive
82 .SAAS Bestandsextensie Sass Indented Syntax
83 .SAB Bestandsextensie ACIS SAB Model Format
84 .SAB2 Bestandsextensie NVision 3D Scanner
85 .SABL Bestandsextensie Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Audio Library
86 .SABS Bestandsextensie Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Sounds
87 .SACD Bestandsextensie JRiver Media Center Data Format
88 .SACRED2SAVE Bestandsextensie Sacred 2 Save Game
89 .SAD Bestandsextensie Black & White Audio Format
90 .SAF Bestandsextensie Street Atlas USA Map Format
91 .SAFARIEXTZ Bestandsextensie Apple Safari Extension Package
92 .SAFE Bestandsextensie WM Keeper CLASSIC Purse Format Backup
93 .SAFETEXT Bestandsextensie SafeText Format
94 .SAGA Bestandsextensie Gargoyle Interactive Fiction Story Format
95 .SAH Bestandsextensie SETI@home Data Format
96 .SAI Bestandsextensie PaintTool SAI Image
97 .SAI2 Bestandsextensie Paint Tool SAI Version 2 Drawing Format
98 .SAJ Bestandsextensie Sage 50 Folder
99 .SAK Bestandsextensie Postal Game Archive
100 .SAL Bestandsextensie SQL Application Language
101 .SAM Bestandsextensie Ami Pro Document
102 .SAM07 Bestandsextensie SAM 2007 Package
103 .SAMBA3 Bestandsextensie Gnome Desktop
104 .SAMI Bestandsextensie Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange Format
105 .SAMRC Bestandsextensie SAM Default Parameters
106 .SAN Bestandsextensie LucasArts Smush Animation Format
107 .SAP Bestandsextensie Atari SAP Music Format
108 .SAPSSD Bestandsextensie SAP Related
109 .SAR Bestandsextensie SAR Compressed Format Archive (SAPCAR Archive)
110 .SAS Bestandsextensie SAS Program Format
111 .SAS7BDAT Bestandsextensie SAS Database
112 .SAS7BNDX Bestandsextensie SAS Index
113 .SASF Bestandsextensie NASA Spacecraft Activity Sequence Format
114 .SASS Bestandsextensie Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Indented Syntax
115 .SAT Bestandsextensie ACIS SAT 3D Model Format
116 .SAV Bestandsextensie Saved Game
117 .SAV2 Bestandsextensie SuperPower Save Game
118 .SAVE Bestandsextensie Nano Temporary Save Format
119 .SAVEDDECK Bestandsextensie Nokia Saved Web Page
120 .SAVEDSEARCH Bestandsextensie Spotlight Saved Search
121 .SAVEDSTATE Bestandsextensie Virtual Router Saved State Format
122 .SAVER Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Screen Saver
123 .SAVE_MULTIPLAYER Bestandsextensie Total War Multiplayer Save
124 .SAVF Bestandsextensie AS400Manager JAVA
125 .SAW Bestandsextensie Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
126 .SAX Bestandsextensie Sedona Framework XML Application
127 .SAY Bestandsextensie Saya Matrix Accounting Database
128 .SAZ Bestandsextensie Fiddler Session Archive ZIP
129 .SB Bestandsextensie Scratch Project Format
130 .SB0 Bestandsextensie Ubisoft Sound Format
131 .SB1 Bestandsextensie MemoryMixer Album
132 .SB2 Bestandsextensie SerialBox Serial Numbers Package Format
133 .SB3 Bestandsextensie Scratch Project Format
134 .SB7 Bestandsextensie SetupBuilder Project
135 .SBA Bestandsextensie SpeedBalance Accounting Data
136 .SBAR Bestandsextensie Substance Painter Data Format
137 .SBB Bestandsextensie Office Accounting Company Backup Format
138 .SBC Bestandsextensie Office Accounting Company Shortcut Format
139 .SBCM Bestandsextensie FlashPeak SlimBrowser Data Format
140 .SBD Bestandsextensie Mozilla Mail Subdirectory Format
141 .SBE Bestandsextensie Spybot Excludes
142 .SBF Bestandsextensie Android System Format
143 .SBFM Bestandsextensie SlimBrowser Data Format
144 .SBG Bestandsextensie SBaGen Binaural Beat Format
145 .SBI Bestandsextensie Sound Blaster Instrument
146 .SBIN Bestandsextensie Cisco Unsigned Firmware Image Format
147 .SBJ Bestandsextensie Micrografx Designer Clipart Or Palette Format
148 .SBJB Bestandsextensie SlimBrowser Data Format
149 .SBK Bestandsextensie Creative Labs EMU SoundFont V1 Bank Format
150 .SBL Bestandsextensie Arquitienda Graphic Symbol Library
151 .SBML Bestandsextensie Systems Biology Markup Language Source
152 .SBN Bestandsextensie ESRI Spatial Binary Format
153 .SBO Bestandsextensie SAP Business One SDK Add-on Related
154 .SBP Bestandsextensie OpenSBP CNC Program Format
155 .SBPF Bestandsextensie Small Business Publisher Document Format
156 .SBPROJ Bestandsextensie OpenGL Shader Builder Project
157 .SBQ Bestandsextensie Superbase QuickReports Format
158 .SBR Bestandsextensie Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate Format
159 .SBRZ Bestandsextensie Sky Ebook Reader E-book
160 .SBS Bestandsextensie Spybot Search And Destroy Includes Format
161 .SBSC Bestandsextensie Adobe Soundbooth Score Document
162 .SBST Bestandsextensie Adobe Soundbooth Score Template
163 .SBSTORE Bestandsextensie Mozilla Firefox
164 .SBT Bestandsextensie SBT Subtitle Format
165 .SBU Bestandsextensie Samsung Kies Backup
166 .SBV Bestandsextensie YouTube Captions Format
167 .SBW Bestandsextensie US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard Format
168 .SBX Bestandsextensie Adobe Illustrator Tsume Format
169 .SBZ Bestandsextensie ShowBiz Project
170 .SC Bestandsextensie Framework II Display Driver
171 .SC1 Bestandsextensie SimCity
172 .SC2 Bestandsextensie Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
173 .SC2000 Bestandsextensie Sim City 2000 Tileset
174 .SC2ARCHIVE Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Archive Format
175 .SC2ASSETS Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Assets Format
176 .SC2BANK Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Bank Format
177 .SC2DATA Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Data Format
178 .SC2LOCALE Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization Format
179 .SC2MA Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Map Data Format
180 .SC2MAP Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Map Format
181 .SC2MOD Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Modification Format
182 .SC2REPLAY Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Replay Format
183 .SC2SAVE Bestandsextensie Blizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game
184 .SC2SCENE Bestandsextensie StarCraft 2 Cut Scene Format
185 .SC3 Bestandsextensie Renamed DBASE III Screen Mask Format
186 .SC4 Bestandsextensie SimCity 4 Saved Format
187 .SC45 Bestandsextensie SuperCard Project Format
188 .SC4DESC Bestandsextensie SimCity 4 Description Format
189 .SC4LOT Bestandsextensie SimCity 4 Lot Format
190 .SC4MODEL Bestandsextensie SimCity 4 Model Format
191 .SC4PATH Bestandsextensie SimCity 4 Network Paths Format
192 .SC5 Bestandsextensie Chris Sawyer Locomotion Scenario
193 .SC6 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Format
194 .SC7 Bestandsextensie MSX Screen 7 Picture Image Format
195 .SC8 Bestandsextensie MSX Screen 8 Picture Image Format
196 .SC? Bestandsextensie ColoRix Bitmap Image
197 .SCA Bestandsextensie Norton AntiVirus Scan Format
198 .SCACFG Bestandsextensie SuperCard Application Configuration Format
199 .SCAD Bestandsextensie OpenSCAD Script
200 .SCALA Bestandsextensie Scala Source
201 .SCAP Bestandsextensie EFI Firmware Format
202 .SCAR Bestandsextensie SCAR Script
203 .SCAT Bestandsextensie RealView Scatter-loading
204 .SCB Bestandsextensie Command & Conquer World Builder Script Format
205 .SCBO Bestandsextensie MacBook EFI Unlock Data Format
206 .SCC Bestandsextensie SourceSafe Source Code Control Format
207 .SCCEF Bestandsextensie StreamCryptor Chunked Encrypted Format
208 .SCCM Bestandsextensie System Center Configuration Manager Data Format
209 .SCD Bestandsextensie TurboTax Tax Schedule List
210 .SCDOC Bestandsextensie SpaceClaim 3D CAD
211 .SCE Bestandsextensie SoftCuisine Data Exchange
212 .SCEA Bestandsextensie Aleph One Map Format
213 .SCENE Bestandsextensie VCollab Scene Format
214 .SCEXCLUDB Bestandsextensie Spring Cleaning Exclusions Format
215 .SCF Bestandsextensie Windows Explorer Command
216 .SCG Bestandsextensie MyPM SCG Definition Format
217 .SCH Bestandsextensie CAD Schematics Format
218 .SCHDOC Bestandsextensie Altium Designer Schematic Capture Binary
219 .SCHEMAS Bestandsextensie GConf Schema Definition Format
220 .SCHEMATIC Bestandsextensie MCEdit Schematic Format
221 .SCHEME Bestandsextensie Sothink Logo Maker Color Scheme
222 .SCHK Bestandsextensie SortSite Site Data Format
223 .SCHLIB Bestandsextensie Altium Designer Schematic Library Format
224 .SCI Bestandsextensie Virtumonde / Vundo Trojan Infected Format
225 .SCJOURNAL Bestandsextensie ANSYS Workbench Data Format
226 .SCKE Bestandsextensie SpyClock Encrypted Video Format
227 .SCL Bestandsextensie Scala Scale
228 .SCLVL Bestandsextensie Scritters Nest Data Format
229 .SCM Bestandsextensie ScreenCam Screen Recording
230 .SCMT Bestandsextensie GXS Application Integrator XML Constraint
231 .SCN Bestandsextensie Age Of Mythology Scenario Format
232 .SCO Bestandsextensie TotalRecovery Backup Image
233 .SCONSCRIPT Bestandsextensie SCons SConscript Configuration
234 .SCONSTRUCT Bestandsextensie SCons Makefile
235 .SCORE Bestandsextensie Learning Score
236 .SCP Bestandsextensie ColoRIX Bitmap Graphic Format
237 .SCPCFG Bestandsextensie SuperCard Project Configuration Format
238 .SCPRT Bestandsextensie Surfcam 3D Format
239 .SCPT Bestandsextensie AppleScript Script Format
240 .SCPTD Bestandsextensie AppleScript Script Bundle
241 .SCQ Bestandsextensie SAS Sequential Access
242 .SCR Bestandsextensie Windows Screensaver
243 .SCRABBLEHASBROSAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Hasbro Scrabble Save Game
244 .SCRATCH Bestandsextensie Scratch Project Format
245 .SCRATE Bestandsextensie Serato DJ Smart Crate Playlist Format
246 .SCREEM Bestandsextensie SCREEM
247 .SCREEN Bestandsextensie Indigo Studio Data Format
248 .SCREENFLOW Bestandsextensie ScreenFlow Document
249 .SCREENSHOT Bestandsextensie CrossGL SnapDraw Screenshot Format
250 .SCRESTORELOG Bestandsextensie Spring Cleaning Restore Log
251 .SCRESULTS Bestandsextensie Spring Cleaning Results Format
252 .SCRIPT Bestandsextensie Generic Script Format
253 .SCRIPT EDITOR Bestandsextensie Apple Mac OS X AppleScript Script
254 .SCRIPTLIBRARY Bestandsextensie Corel Painter Script Library Format
255 .SCRIPTSUITE Bestandsextensie AppleScript Script Suite Format
256 .SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY Bestandsextensie AppleScript Script Terminology Format
257 .SCRIV Bestandsextensie Scrivener Document
258 .SCRIVX Bestandsextensie Scrivener XML Document
259 .SCRO Bestandsextensie Amira Script Object
260 .SCS Bestandsextensie SimCity Societies Saved Game Format
261 .SCS11 Bestandsextensie Show Cue System Cue Format
262 .SCS4 Bestandsextensie SAM Coupé Picture Image Format
263 .SCSPACK Bestandsextensie SimCity Societies Transfer Package
264 .SCSS Bestandsextensie Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Syntax
265 .SCT Bestandsextensie Scitex Continuous Tone Format
266 .SCT01 Bestandsextensie SAS Catalog For Unix Data Format
267 .SCU Bestandsextensie ColoRIX Bitmap Image
268 .SCUT Bestandsextensie Easy Cut Studio Project Format
269 .SCUT2 Bestandsextensie Sure Cuts A Lot
270 .SCUT3 Bestandsextensie Easy Cut Studio Project Format
271 .SCUT4 Bestandsextensie Easy Cut Studio Project Format
272 .SCV Bestandsextensie ScanVec CASmate Sign Format
273 .SCVINFO Bestandsextensie Windows Communication Foundation WCF Metadata
274 .SCW Bestandsextensie Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
275 .SCWORLD Bestandsextensie Survivalcraft World Data Format
276 .SCX Bestandsextensie ColoRIX Bitmap Image
277 .SCY Bestandsextensie ReaGeniX Security
278 .SCZ Bestandsextensie Wingz Script Format
279 .SD Bestandsextensie Sound Designer Audio Format
280 .SD0 Bestandsextensie Dali Raw Image
281 .SD1 Bestandsextensie Dali Raw Image
282 .SD2 Bestandsextensie Sound Designer II Format
283 .SD2F Bestandsextensie Sound Designer 2 Format
284 .SD3 Bestandsextensie Hy-Tek Meet Manager Database Related
285 .SD4 Bestandsextensie Smart Diary Suite Database
286 .SD7 Bestandsextensie Spring Content Package
287 .SD9 Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
288 .SDA Bestandsextensie StarOffice Drawing
289 .SDAC Bestandsextensie CoCreate OneSpace Assembly Container Format
290 .SDAT Bestandsextensie Nintendo DS Sound Data Format
291 .SDB Bestandsextensie OpenOffice Base Database Format
292 .SDBN Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word 4/5 For Mac Template
293 .SDBX Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Database Format
294 .SDBZ Bestandsextensie Symantec Support Tool Information
295 .SDC Bestandsextensie Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
296 .SDD Bestandsextensie StarOffice Presentation
297 .SDDRAFT Bestandsextensie ArcGIS Service Definition Draft Format
298 .SDE Bestandsextensie Drumbeat Exported Data
299 .SDEF Bestandsextensie AppleScript Dictionary Document
300 .SDEXP Bestandsextensie Creo Elements/Direct Model
301 .SDF Bestandsextensie Standard Data Format
302 .SDFA Bestandsextensie Exocad 3D
303 .SDG Bestandsextensie StarOffice Gallery Image Format
304 .SDI Bestandsextensie Windows System Deployment Image
305 .SDIF Bestandsextensie Sound Description Interchange Format
306 .SDII Bestandsextensie Sound Designer 2 Audio Format
307 .SDINSTALL Bestandsextensie Speckie Dictionary Installation Format
308 .SDIR Bestandsextensie Apple Logic Space Designer Impulse Response
309 .SDIRPROJ Bestandsextensie Apple Impulse Response Utility Project
310 .SDJV Bestandsextensie DjVu Document Format
311 .SDJVU Bestandsextensie DjVu Document Format
312 .SDK Bestandsextensie Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
313 .SDKMESH Bestandsextensie Microsoft DirectX Vertex Mesh
314 .SDL Bestandsextensie Corel Paradox Script Format
315 .SDLIC Bestandsextensie ArcGIS Data Format
316 .SDLP Bestandsextensie SimpleDiagrams Plugin Format
317 .SDLPPX Bestandsextensie SDL Trados Studio Project Package Format
318 .SDLPROFILE Bestandsextensie TRADOS Exported User Settings
319 .SDLTM Bestandsextensie SDL Trados Studio
320 .SDLXLIFF Bestandsextensie SDL Trados XLIFF Localization Format
321 .SDM Bestandsextensie StarOffice Mail Message
322 .SDMDOCUMENT Bestandsextensie Microsoft SDM Document
323 .SDN Bestandsextensie Smart Diary Suite Ingredients Format
324 .SDNF Bestandsextensie Steel Detailing Neutral Format
325 .SDO Bestandsextensie Signed Document
326 .SDOC Bestandsextensie Sealed Word Document
327 .SDP Bestandsextensie Session Description Protocol Format
328 .SDPC Bestandsextensie Cocreate SolidDesigner Data
329 .SDPX Bestandsextensie Kodak Cineon Image Format
330 .SDQ Bestandsextensie SAS Data Format
331 .SDR Bestandsextensie SmartDraw Drawing
332 .SDR2 Bestandsextensie H.264 MICRO DVR Camera Movie
333 .SDS Bestandsextensie MIDI Sample Dump Standard Format
334 .SDSB Bestandsextensie Spybot Compiled Script Format
335 .SDSK Bestandsextensie SafeHouse Private Storage Volume
336 .SDT Bestandsextensie SmartDraw Template Format
337 .SDTID Bestandsextensie RSA Soft-token Format
338 .SDV Bestandsextensie Studio DV Project Format
339 .SDW Bestandsextensie StarOffice Writer Text Document
340 .SDWX Bestandsextensie MrSID Level 8 Image Format
341 .SDX Bestandsextensie Sample Sound Format
342 .SDXF Bestandsextensie Structured Data EXchange Format
343 .SDXML Bestandsextensie SimpleDiagrams Diagram Format
344 .SDY Bestandsextensie StarMoney
345 .SDZ Bestandsextensie Spring Content Package
346 .SE Bestandsextensie SEwin Project
347 .SE1 Bestandsextensie CT Summation IBlaze Database
348 .SEA Bestandsextensie Self-Extracting Archive
349 .SEAM Bestandsextensie Seam Framework Java Servlet Format
350 .SEARCH-MS Bestandsextensie Windows Saved Search Format
351 .SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS Bestandsextensie Windows Search Connector Format
352 .SEARCHINDEXCACHE Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Cache
353 .SEC Bestandsextensie PGP Secret Key Ring
354 .SECSTORE Bestandsextensie Adobe Secstore
355 .SECURE Bestandsextensie Septium Secure Document
356 .SECURECRYPTED Bestandsextensie Apocalypse Ransomware Affected Format
357 .SECUREDOWNLOAD Bestandsextensie Safari Download
358 .SECURITY Bestandsextensie Javasoft Jre 1.3 Lib Security
359 .SECURITYSETTINGS Bestandsextensie Alpha Five Security Settings
360 .SED Bestandsextensie IExpress Self Extraction Directive Format
361 .SEDPRJ Bestandsextensie Slideshow Studio Elements Project
362 .SEE Bestandsextensie LISCAD Plus
363 .SEED Bestandsextensie Linux Preseed Format
364 .SEEK Bestandsextensie Word List Expert Seek List
365 .SEESTYLE Bestandsextensie Coda Style Sheet Format
366 .SEEXPL Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Format
367 .SEF Bestandsextensie Steganos Encrypted Format
368 .SEG Bestandsextensie Eragon Audio Format
369 .SEG1 Bestandsextensie StuffIt Segment
370 .SEG2 Bestandsextensie Stuffit Mac Format Type
371 .SEG3 Bestandsextensie StuffIt Segment
372 .SEGN Bestandsextensie StuffIt Segment
373 .SEGY Bestandsextensie SEG-Y Geophysical Data
374 .SEL Bestandsextensie Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Selection Format
375 .SELECTIONPORTFOLIOLIBRARY Bestandsextensie Corel Painter Selection Portfolio Library Format
376 .SEM Bestandsextensie Alpha Five Set Objects
377 .SEM3D Bestandsextensie SEMulator3D Model Format
378 .SEMAN Bestandsextensie Xtext Semantics
379 .SEN Bestandsextensie Scifer Archiver Internal Archive Format
380 .SEND2ANNA Bestandsextensie Palm OS Data Format
381 .SEO Bestandsextensie SEO Note Format
382 .SEOSPIDER Bestandsextensie Screaming Frog SEO Spider Data Format
383 .SEP Bestandsextensie Separated Image Format
384 .SEPLUGIN Bestandsextensie AppleScript Editor Plug-in
385 .SEQ Bestandsextensie PowerTracks Pro Audio Project Format
386 .SEQU Bestandsextensie Adobe Acrobat Sequence Format
387 .SEQUENCEDIAGRAM Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Sequence Diagram
388 .SER Bestandsextensie GeneMapper Project Format
389 .SERVER Bestandsextensie Bonobo Activation API
390 .SERVERDEF Bestandsextensie Server Definition
391 .SERVERSTYLE Bestandsextensie ESRI ServerStyle
392 .SERVICE Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Service Application
393 .SES Bestandsextensie Audition Session Format
394 .SESSION Bestandsextensie CATIA 4 Session Format
395 .SESX Bestandsextensie Adobe Audition Session Format
396 .SET Bestandsextensie Settings Format
397 .SETTINGCONTENT-MS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows 8.1 Configuration
398 .SETTINGS Bestandsextensie Visual Studio Settings Format
399 .SETUP Bestandsextensie CryENGINE Character Setup Format
400 .SEV Bestandsextensie SevenUp Picture
401 .SEVENWONDERSTREASURESOFSEVENSAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie 7 Wonders: Treasures Of Seven Saved Game Format
402 .SEVZ Bestandsextensie Sevilla Compressed Tournament Format
403 .SEW Bestandsextensie Janome Sewing Machine Stitch Format
404 .SEX Bestandsextensie Alpha Five Set Index
405 .SEZ Bestandsextensie SEEP/W ZIP Compressed Data Format
406 .SF Bestandsextensie Minecraft JAR Signature Format
407 .SF0 Bestandsextensie Windows Sytem Check
408 .SF2 Bestandsextensie SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
409 .SF3 Bestandsextensie STATGRAPHICS Data
410 .SF7 Bestandsextensie Sega SF-7000 ROM
411 .SFA Bestandsextensie Sony Sound Forge
412 .SFAP0 Bestandsextensie Sound Forge Audio Proxy Format
413 .SFAR Bestandsextensie Mass Effect 3 DLC Format
414 .SFARK Bestandsextensie Melody Machine Compressed SoundFont
415 .SFARR Bestandsextensie SynthFont Data Format
416 .SFB Bestandsextensie PlayStation 3 Disc Data Format
417 .SFC Bestandsextensie Super Nintendo ROM
418 .SFCACHE Bestandsextensie ReadyBoost Cache Format
419 .SFD Bestandsextensie SoundStage Sound Data Format
420 .SFF Bestandsextensie Structured Fax Format Image Format
421 .SFG Bestandsextensie Sony Acid Data Format
422 .SFI Bestandsextensie Corel Ventura Publisher HP LaserJet Printer Font
423 .SFIL Bestandsextensie Macintosh System Sound
424 .SFK Bestandsextensie Sound Forge Audio Peak Format
425 .SFL Bestandsextensie Sound Forge Sound Data Format
426 .SFM Bestandsextensie Dart PRO Soundtree Structure
427 .SFN Bestandsextensie EasySIGN Font
428 .SFO Bestandsextensie CuteFTP Search Format
429 .SFP Bestandsextensie Soft Font Printer Format
430 .SFPACK Bestandsextensie Packed SoundFont Format
431 .SFR Bestandsextensie Sonic Foundry Sample Resource
432 .SFS Bestandsextensie Squashfs Format Archive
433 .SFT Bestandsextensie Microsoft App-V Sequencer Format
434 .SFTDDE Bestandsextensie Microsoft App-V Data Format
435 .SFV Bestandsextensie Simple Format Verification Format
436 .SFVIDCAP Bestandsextensie Sonic Foundry Video Capture Format
437 .SFW Bestandsextensie Seattle FilmWorks Image
438 .SFX Bestandsextensie Windows Self-Extracting Archive
439 .SFZ Bestandsextensie SoundFont Compressed Audio
440 .SG Bestandsextensie SnapGraphix User
441 .SG2 Bestandsextensie Band-in-a-Box Audio
442 .SG3 Bestandsextensie ChessDB Game
443 .SG4 Bestandsextensie Band-in-a-Box Song
444 .SGA Bestandsextensie Relic Entertainment Game Archive
445 .SGAA Bestandsextensie Aleph One Saved Game
446 .SGB Bestandsextensie Dawn Of War Map Format
447 .SGCPO Bestandsextensie Case CATalyst
448 .SGD Bestandsextensie SameGame Data
449 .SGE Bestandsextensie Semi-Graphic Logos Editor Picture Image Format
450 .SGF Bestandsextensie StarOffice Document With Graphics
451 .SGH Bestandsextensie Guitar Hero 3 Setlist Settings
452 .SGI Bestandsextensie Silicon Graphics Image Format
453 .SGL Bestandsextensie Master Document
454 .SGM Bestandsextensie SGML Format
455 .SGML Bestandsextensie Standard Generalized Markup Language Format
456 .SGN Bestandsextensie Sierra Print Artist Sign Format
457 .SGNGL Bestandsextensie Case CATalyst
458 .SGO Bestandsextensie ECU Update
459 .SGP Bestandsextensie STATGRAPHICS Plus Statistics Format
460 .SGR Bestandsextensie SGR Genome Data Format
461 .SGS Bestandsextensie WinDS PRO Data Format
462 .SGSTN Bestandsextensie Case CATalyst
463 .SGT Bestandsextensie Microsoft DirectMusic Producer Segments Format
464 .SGU Bestandsextensie Band-in-a-Box MIDI
465 .SGV Bestandsextensie StarOffice StarDraw 2.0 Picture Image
466 .SGW Bestandsextensie N-Track Studio Packed Song
467 .SGX Bestandsextensie IBM Rational XDE
468 .SGY Bestandsextensie SEG-Y Seismic Data Format
469 .SGZ Bestandsextensie SigzaLock Encrypted Format
470 .SH Bestandsextensie Bash Shell Script
471 .SH2 Bestandsextensie Stronghold 2 Saved Game
472 .SH3 Bestandsextensie Harvard Graphics 3.0 Presentation
473 .SH3D Bestandsextensie Sweet Home 3D Design Format
474 .SH3F Bestandsextensie Sweet Home 3D Model Library
475 .SH3L Bestandsextensie Sweet Home 3D Language Library Format
476 .SH3P Bestandsextensie Sweet Home 3D Plugin Format
477 .SH3T Bestandsextensie Sweet Home 3D Textures Library Format
478 .SH4 Bestandsextensie HelpMaker Help Authoring Tool Data Format
479 .SH5 Bestandsextensie HelpMaker Data Format
480 .SH6 Bestandsextensie HelpMaker Help Authoring Tool Data Format
481 .SHA Bestandsextensie Unix SHAR Archive
482 .SHA1 Bestandsextensie SHA-1 Hash Format
483 .SHA256 Bestandsextensie FileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes Format
484 .SHA512 Bestandsextensie SHA 512 Hash Format
485 .SHADER Bestandsextensie Quake 3 Engine Shader Format
486 .SHADERCACHE Bestandsextensie Space Marine Shader Cache
487 .SHADERLIB Bestandsextensie Stronghold 3 Shader
488 .SHADERS_CACHE Bestandsextensie Google Android Data Format
489 .SHADER_BUNDLE Bestandsextensie Avalanche Studios Game Graphics Format
490 .SHADOW Bestandsextensie FontTwister Shadow
491 .SHADOWINDEXCOMPACTDIRECTORY Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Spotlight
492 .SHADOWINDEXGROUPS Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Spotlight
493 .SHADOWINDEXTERMIDS Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Spotlight
494 .SHAM Bestandsextensie Sliced HAM Picture Image Format
495 .SHAPE Bestandsextensie Dia Diagram Editor Shape
496 .SHAR Bestandsextensie Unix Shar Archive
497 .SHB Bestandsextensie Windows Document Shortcut
498 .SHC Bestandsextensie Adobe Photoshop Contours Format
499 .SHD Bestandsextensie Windows Print Job Shadow Format
500 .SHDC Bestandsextensie ArmA: Armed Assault
501 .SHE Bestandsextensie Medusa 2D CAD
502 .SHEET Bestandsextensie Dia Sheet
503 .SHF Bestandsextensie Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Share
504 .SHFB Bestandsextensie Sandcastle Help Format Builder Project Format
505 .SHFBPROJ Bestandsextensie Sandcastle Help Format Builder Project Format
506 .SHFT Bestandsextensie Shift Work Calendar
507 .SHG Bestandsextensie Segmented Hyper-Graphic
508 .SHH Bestandsextensie Adobe Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Settings Format
509 .SHIPSECTION Bestandsextensie Sword Of The Stars Ship Data
510 .SHIPWORLD Bestandsextensie Starbound Game Data Format
511 .SHIT Bestandsextensie Bourne Shell Server Page
512 .SHK Bestandsextensie ShrinkIt Archive
513 .SHLB Bestandsextensie Mozilla
514 .SHM Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Shell Macro Library
515 .SHMAP Bestandsextensie Stronghold 3 Map
516 .SHN Bestandsextensie Shorten Compressed Audio Format
517 .SHO Bestandsextensie Show Pro Show Flow
518 .SHORTCUT Bestandsextensie Asutype Shortcut
519 .SHOW Bestandsextensie Hanshow Presentation
520 .SHP Bestandsextensie Shapes Format
521 .SHPA Bestandsextensie Aleph One Shape Format
522 .SHPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Data Format
523 .SHR Bestandsextensie Unix Shell Archive Format
524 .SHS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Scrap Format
525 .SHSH Bestandsextensie IPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob Format
526 .SHT Bestandsextensie HTML Format With Server Side Includes
527 .SHTM Bestandsextensie HTML Server Side Include Format
528 .SHTML Bestandsextensie Server Side Include HTML Format
529 .SHU Bestandsextensie SnippetHub Data Format
530 .SHUTDOWNSTALL Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Log
531 .SHV Bestandsextensie Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Format
532 .SHW Bestandsextensie Corel Presentation
533 .SHX Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Compiled Shape Format
534 .SHY Bestandsextensie ShyFile Encrypted Format
535 .SI Bestandsextensie Softimage Image Format
536 .SI2 Bestandsextensie SAS Index Data Format
537 .SIA Bestandsextensie Silo 3D Model
538 .SIAG Bestandsextensie SIAG Spreadsheet Format
539 .SIB Bestandsextensie Sibelius Score
540 .SIC Bestandsextensie Quicken 2002 Order
541 .SID Bestandsextensie MrSID Image
542 .SID1 Bestandsextensie Winamp Media Data Format
543 .SIDB Bestandsextensie ITunes Authorization Data Format
544 .SIDD Bestandsextensie ITunes Authorization Data Format
545 .SIDN Bestandsextensie Apple ITunes Authorization Data
546 .SIDX Bestandsextensie SharpMap Spatial Index Format
547 .SIE Bestandsextensie Swedish Accounting Data Format
548 .SIF Bestandsextensie Windows Setup Information Format
549 .SIFZ Bestandsextensie Synfig Studio Compressed Project Format
550 .SIG Bestandsextensie Signature Format
551 .SIGN Bestandsextensie GNU Privacy Guard
552 .SIGNED Bestandsextensie Apple Safari
553 .SII Bestandsextensie 18 Wheels Of Steel Truck Definition Data Format
554 .SIK Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word Backup
555 .SIL Bestandsextensie SmartInspect Log
556 .SILK Bestandsextensie Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link Format
557 .SILO Bestandsextensie VisIt Hydrodynamical Numerical Simulation Data
558 .SIM Bestandsextensie Intel VTune Performance Monitor Format
559 .SIM3 Bestandsextensie The Sims 3
560 .SIMBA Bestandsextensie Simba Script Format
561 .SIMG Bestandsextensie Synclavier Disk Image Format
562 .SIMP Bestandsextensie Software Ideas Modeler Project Format
563 .SIMPLE Bestandsextensie Simple Compiler Source Code
564 .SIMS2PACK Bestandsextensie Downloaded Sims 2 Package Format
565 .SIMS2SKIN Bestandsextensie Sims 2 Skin
566 .SIMS3 Bestandsextensie The Sims 3 Save
567 .SIMS3PACK Bestandsextensie The Sims 3 Package Format
568 .SIN Bestandsextensie SiN Game
569 .SINF Bestandsextensie Apple IOS Digital Rights Management
570 .SIP Bestandsextensie Scopetrax Compressed Sample
571 .SIR Bestandsextensie Bitmap
572 .SIS Bestandsextensie Symbian Installation Format
573 .SIS.DM Bestandsextensie Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
574 .SISX Bestandsextensie Symbian OS Installation Format
575 .SISX.DM Bestandsextensie Nokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
576 .SIT Bestandsextensie StuffIt Archive
577 .SIT! Bestandsextensie StuffIt Expander Archive Format
578 .SIT5 Bestandsextensie StuffIt 5 Archive Format
579 .SITD Bestandsextensie StuffIt Archive
580 .SITE Bestandsextensie GoLive Website Project Format
581 .SITEMAP Bestandsextensie ASP.NET Site Map Format
582 .SITES Bestandsextensie IWeb Site Design Project
583 .SITES2 Bestandsextensie IWeb Site Design Project
584 .SITHQX Bestandsextensie StuffIt Compressed Archive
585 .SITL Bestandsextensie StuffIt Library
586 .SITO Bestandsextensie StuffIt Translator
587 .SITX Bestandsextensie StuffIt X Archive
588 .SIV Bestandsextensie Silicon Imaging Video Format
589 .SIZ Bestandsextensie Oracle 7 Configuration
590 .SJ1 Bestandsextensie SEGA SJ-1 DIGIO Image
591 .SJAVA Bestandsextensie Synchronous Java Format
592 .SJC Bestandsextensie Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller Definition
593 .SJD Bestandsextensie Scrapbook Factory Journal Format
594 .SJPG Bestandsextensie Sealed JPG
595 .SJS Bestandsextensie Simcity 3000 Buildings Add-on
596 .SJ_ Bestandsextensie SuperJAM Audio
597 .SK Bestandsextensie Safari History Index Format
598 .SK1 Bestandsextensie SK1 Vector Graphic Format
599 .SK2 Bestandsextensie ChemSketch Drawing
600 .SKA Bestandsextensie Happy99 Virus
601 .SKB Bestandsextensie SketchUp Backup Document
602 .SKBA Bestandsextensie SketchBook Pro Animation Data Format
603 .SKC Bestandsextensie SideKick Card Format
604 .SKCARD Bestandsextensie Starfish Sidekick Card Format
605 .SKCH Bestandsextensie EasySketchPro Project Format
606 .SKCHR Bestandsextensie SketchChair Design Format
607 .SKD Bestandsextensie Autodesk Autosketch Drawing Database
608 .SKE Bestandsextensie Battlefield Skeleton
609 .SKEL Bestandsextensie Darkest Dungeon Animation Format
610 .SKETCH Bestandsextensie Sketch Drawing
611 .SKF Bestandsextensie AutoSketch Drawing
612 .SKG Bestandsextensie Skrooge Data
613 .SKI Bestandsextensie Motorola Phone Skin Format
614 .SKIM Bestandsextensie Skim Notes Format
615 .SKIN Bestandsextensie ASP.NET Skin Format
616 .SKINDEX Bestandsextensie Mail Index Format
617 .SKINNEDMESH Bestandsextensie Battlefield Skinned Mesh
618 .SKITCH Bestandsextensie Skitch Image
619 .SKK Bestandsextensie SmartSketch Drawing
620 .SKL Bestandsextensie Adobe Authorware Resource Format
621 .SKM Bestandsextensie SketchUp Materials Format
622 .SKN Bestandsextensie Symbian OS Skin Format
623 .SKO Bestandsextensie Sage Accounting Executable
624 .SKP Bestandsextensie SketchUp Document
625 .SKPKMZ Bestandsextensie SketchUp Data Format
626 .SKR Bestandsextensie PGP Private Keyring
627 .SKS Bestandsextensie Show.kit Template
628 .SKSE Bestandsextensie The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Script Extender Data
629 .SKT Bestandsextensie SSEYO Koan
630 .SKU Bestandsextensie TomTom For R-Link Map Format
631 .SKUDEF Bestandsextensie Command & Conquer Archive Description Package
632 .SKV Bestandsextensie Semicolon Separated Values Format
633 .SKX Bestandsextensie XLANG Schedule Format
634 .SKY Bestandsextensie Microsoft Multiplan SYLK Spreadsheet
635 .SKYPE Bestandsextensie Skype Data Format
636 .SKYPECHATSTYLE Bestandsextensie Chat Style Format
637 .SKYPEEMOTICONSET Bestandsextensie Skype Emoticon Set Format
638 .SKZ Bestandsextensie SuperKaramba Theme
639 .SL Bestandsextensie Software License Format
640 .SL00 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
641 .SL01 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
642 .SL02 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
643 .SL03 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
644 .SL05 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
645 .SL06 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
646 .SL07 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
647 .SL08 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
648 .SL09 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
649 .SL10 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
650 .SL11 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
651 .SL12 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
652 .SL13 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
653 .SL14 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
654 .SL15 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
655 .SL16 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
656 .SL17 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
657 .SL18 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
658 .SL19 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
659 .SL2 Bestandsextensie SQLite 2.0 Database Format
660 .SL20 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
661 .SL21 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
662 .SL22 Bestandsextensie HLSW Format
663 .SL23 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
664 .SL24 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
665 .SL25 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
666 .SL26 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
667 .SL27 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
668 .SL28 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
669 .SL29 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
670 .SL3 Bestandsextensie SQLite 3.0 Database Format
671 .SL30 Bestandsextensie HLSW Game Server Tool
672 .SL31 Bestandsextensie HLSW Format
673 .SL4 Bestandsextensie GEMPACK Solution Data Format
674 .SLA Bestandsextensie Scribus Document
675 .SLA.GZ Bestandsextensie Scribus Compressed Document
676 .SLACKBUILD Bestandsextensie Slackware Linux Script
677 .SLB Bestandsextensie PSpice Symbols Library Format
678 .SLC Bestandsextensie 3D Systems SLiCe Format
679 .SLD Bestandsextensie Styled Layer Descriptor Format
680 .SLD3 Bestandsextensie Microsoft PowerPoint 3/4 For Mac Slide
681 .SLD8 Bestandsextensie Microsoft PowerPoint 98 For Mac Slide
682 .SLDASM Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Assembly Format
683 .SLDBLK Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Blocks
684 .SLDBOMBT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks BOM Template
685 .SLDBOMTBT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Bill Of Materials Template Format
686 .SLDCLR Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Colour Palette
687 .SLDD Bestandsextensie MATlab Data Format
688 .SLDDC Bestandsextensie MATlab Data Format
689 .SLDDRT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Sheet Format
690 .SLDDRW Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Drawing Format
691 .SLDDWG Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Drawing 2D Vector Graphics
692 .SLDEDB Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Database Format
693 .SLDFVT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Favorite Data Format
694 .SLDGTOLFVT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Geometric Tolerance Style
695 .SLDHOLTBT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Hole Table Template
696 .SLDLFP Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Library Part
697 .SLDM Bestandsextensie Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Slide
698 .SLDMAT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Material Database
699 .SLDNOTESSTL Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Data Format
700 .SLDPRT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Part Format
701 .SLDREG Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Settings
702 .SLDREVTBT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Revision Table Template
703 .SLDS Bestandsextensie Microsoft PowerPoint 2 For Mac Slide
704 .SLDSFFVT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Surface Finish Style
705 .SLDSTD Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Drafting Standard
706 .SLDTBT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks General Table Template
707 .SLDTM Bestandsextensie SDL Translation Memory Format
708 .SLDWELDFVT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Weld Style
709 .SLDWLDTBT Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Weldment Cutlist Template
710 .SLDX Bestandsextensie Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Slide
711 .SLDXML Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Assembly Data Format
712 .SLE Bestandsextensie Sisulizer Package Format
713 .SLF Bestandsextensie Symantec License Format
714 .SLG Bestandsextensie Chromeleon Audit Trail
715 .SLH Bestandsextensie Baldurs Gate II Game Data Format
716 .SLI Bestandsextensie ENVI Spectral Library
717 .SLIB Bestandsextensie Synopsys Interface Timing Specification Model
718 .SLIDESAVER Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Screensaver
719 .SLIFE Bestandsextensie Slife Database
720 .SLIM Bestandsextensie Slim Script
721 .SLIP Bestandsextensie CodeGear Licence
722 .SLK Bestandsextensie Symbolic Link Format
723 .SLL Bestandsextensie Static Link Library
724 .SLM Bestandsextensie Second Life Mesh Asset
725 .SLMX Bestandsextensie Simulink Traceability Data Format
726 .SLN Bestandsextensie Visual Studio Solution Format
727 .SLNK Bestandsextensie SAP Business All-in-One Extension
728 .SLO Bestandsextensie RenderMan Compiled
729 .SLOG Bestandsextensie Autodesk Revit Worksharing Log Format
730 .SLOGO Bestandsextensie StarLogo Project Format
731 .SLOGT Bestandsextensie StarLogo Project Template
732 .SLOW Bestandsextensie Notepad++ Data Format
733 .SLP Bestandsextensie SpectraLayers Pro Project
734 .SLR Bestandsextensie ArcSWAT Solar Radiation Input
735 .SLREQX Bestandsextensie Simulink Requirements Data Format
736 .SLS Bestandsextensie Image Playlist
737 .SLS3 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Excel 3 For Mac Template
738 .SLS4 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Excel 4 For Mac Template
739 .SLS5 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Excel 5 For Mac Template
740 .SLS8 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Excel 98 For Mac Template
741 .SLST Bestandsextensie Game Data Format
742 .SLT Bestandsextensie Mozilla User Profile Folder
743 .SLTNG Bestandsextensie StarLogo TNG Project Format
744 .SLTX Bestandsextensie MATlab Model Template Format
745 .SLUPKG-MS Bestandsextensie XrML Digital License Package
746 .SLV Bestandsextensie Silva Import And Export
747 .SLW Bestandsextensie Settler LITE Data
748 .SLX Bestandsextensie MathWorks Simulink Model Format
749 .SLXC Bestandsextensie Simulink Cache Format
750 .SLXP Bestandsextensie MATlab Model Format
751 .SLY Bestandsextensie Lilypond Guitar
752 .SLZ Bestandsextensie Adobe RoboHelp Screen Layout
753 .SM Bestandsextensie StepMania Song Format
754 .SM2 Bestandsextensie RHK Technology Proprietary
755 .SM3 Bestandsextensie DataCAD Symbol
756 .SM4 Bestandsextensie RHK Technology Proprietary
757 .SMA Bestandsextensie AMX Mod Plugin Source Format
758 .SMAF Bestandsextensie SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format
759 .SMALI Bestandsextensie Android Smali Assembly Language Format
760 .SMARTFTP Bestandsextensie SmartFTP Data Format
761 .SMB Bestandsextensie Autodesk Symbol Library
762 .SMBP Bestandsextensie Mobipocket EBook Secured Auxiliary
763 .SMC Bestandsextensie Super Nintendo Game ROM
764 .SMCL Bestandsextensie Stata Log
765 .SMD Bestandsextensie Valve Studiomdl Data Format
766 .SMDF Bestandsextensie Surface Magic Design Format
767 .SMDL Bestandsextensie SQL Server Updated Model
768 .SMDLPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Data Format
769 .SME Bestandsextensie SmartEncryptor Encrypted Archive
770 .SMEA Bestandsextensie Samsung Kies Messages Backup Format
771 .SMF Bestandsextensie Standard MIDI Format
772 .SMG Bestandsextensie IChorus Sound Format
773 .SMGPROJ Bestandsextensie InstallShield Data Format
774 .SMGXML Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Composer Product Format
775 .SMH Bestandsextensie Sealed MHT Document
776 .SMHT Bestandsextensie Sealed MHT Archive
777 .SMI Bestandsextensie SMIL Presentation
778 .SMIL Bestandsextensie SMIL Presentation Format
779 .SMK Bestandsextensie Smacker Compressed Movie Format
780 .SML Bestandsextensie SMIL Slideshow Presentation
781 .SMLX Bestandsextensie Steel Markup Language Document Format
782 .SMM Bestandsextensie Samsung Memo Format
783 .SMMSTYLE Bestandsextensie SimpleMind Mind Map Style Format
784 .SMMX Bestandsextensie SimpleMind Mind Map Format
785 .SMO Bestandsextensie Sumotori Dreams Arena Format
786 .SMOD Bestandsextensie Stonehearth Mod Data Format
787 .SMOL Bestandsextensie Spartan Molecule Data
788 .SMP Bestandsextensie SmartMusic Performance Format
789 .SMPAK Bestandsextensie SuperMemo UX
790 .SMPD Bestandsextensie Sc2gears Mouse Print Data Format
791 .SMPF Bestandsextensie Sprite Monkey Project
792 .SMPKG Bestandsextensie SmartMusic Package Format
793 .SMPO Bestandsextensie Scalado SpeedView Meta Object
794 .SMPRF Bestandsextensie System Mechanic Microsoft Windows Startup Profile
795 .SMPS Bestandsextensie LINDO API
796 .SMPX Bestandsextensie Finale Accompaniment
797 .SMR Bestandsextensie Smedge2 Job Settings
798 .SMRAILROADSSAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Sid Meiers Railroads Saved Game Format
799 .SMRD Bestandsextensie Adobe InDesign Filter Format
800 .SMS Bestandsextensie Exported SMS Text Message
801 .SMSBACKUP Bestandsextensie ASUS Messaging Sms Backup Format
802 .SMST Bestandsextensie Adobe Soundbooth Music Score Toolkit
803 .SMT Bestandsextensie Samsung Theme Format
804 .SMTMP Bestandsextensie Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef Folder
805 .SMV Bestandsextensie VideoLink Mail Video Format
806 .SMW Bestandsextensie SIMPL Windows Source
807 .SMWT Bestandsextensie Adobe InDesign Filter
808 .SMX Bestandsextensie Rational XDE
809 .SMXX Bestandsextensie Autodesk Revit Exchange Data Format
810 .SMZ Bestandsextensie IBM SPSS Graphboard Template Chooser Shape Format
811 .SMZIP Bestandsextensie StepMania Package
812 .SN Bestandsextensie Sound Club Editor Compressed Song
813 .SN1 Bestandsextensie Drive Snapshot First Differential Backup
814 .SN2 Bestandsextensie Drive Snapshot Second Differential Backup
815 .SN3 Bestandsextensie Samsung Kies 2 Backup Format
816 .SN4 Bestandsextensie Drive SnapShot Partial Disk Image
817 .SNA Bestandsextensie ZX80 Spectrum Mirage Emulator Snapshot Format
818 .SNAG Bestandsextensie SnagIt Capture Format
819 .SNAGACC Bestandsextensie SnagIt Data Format
820 .SNAGITSTAMPS Bestandsextensie SnagIt Archive
821 .SNAGPROF Bestandsextensie SnagIt Data Format
822 .SNAGPROJ Bestandsextensie Snagit Project Format
823 .SNAGSTYLES Bestandsextensie SnagIt Style
824 .SNAGTHEME Bestandsextensie SnagIt Theme Format
825 .SNAGUNDO Bestandsextensie SnagIt Data Format
826 .SNAP Bestandsextensie ZX Spectrum Emulator Mirage Microdrive Snapshot
827 .SNAPDOC Bestandsextensie Ashampoo Snap
828 .SNAPFIREPROJECT Bestandsextensie Corel Snapfire Project
829 .SNAPFIRESHOW Bestandsextensie Corel SnapfireShow Format
830 .SNAPPY Bestandsextensie Snappy Compressed Data Format
831 .SNAPSHOT Bestandsextensie ZX Spectrum Emulator Mirage Microdrive Snapshot Format
832 .SNAPX Bestandsextensie Snapform XML Form
833 .SNB Bestandsextensie Shanda Bambook EBook
834 .SNBKP Bestandsextensie S Note Note Backup Format
835 .SNC Bestandsextensie ACT! E-mail/folder Synchronization
836 .SND Bestandsextensie Sound Format
837 .SNDA Bestandsextensie Aleph One Sound Format
838 .SNDCLIPPING Bestandsextensie Apple Mac OS X Finder Sound Clip
839 .SNDH Bestandsextensie Atari ST Audio
840 .SNDR Bestandsextensie Sounder Sound
841 .SNDSHD Bestandsextensie Id Tech 4 Sound Shader Format
842 .SNDT Bestandsextensie Sndtool Sound
843 .SNF Bestandsextensie Starry Night Document
844 .SNG Bestandsextensie MIDI Song Format
845 .SNGW Bestandsextensie Devil May Cry 4 Audio
846 .SNGX Bestandsextensie Songtrix Song Format
847 .SNI Bestandsextensie MDK Game Archive
848 .SNIPPET Bestandsextensie Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
849 .SNK Bestandsextensie Strong Name Key Format
850 .SNM Bestandsextensie Netscape Mail Index
851 .SNN Bestandsextensie STATISTICA Neural Networks Data Format
852 .SNO Bestandsextensie Snobol4 Language Source Code Format
853 .SNOOP Bestandsextensie Sun SNOOP Capture
854 .SNP Bestandsextensie Access Report Snapshot
855 .SNR Bestandsextensie Mail.Dat Seed Name
856 .SNS Bestandsextensie Save-N-Sync Project Format
857 .SNSF Bestandsextensie Super NES Sound Format
858 .SNT Bestandsextensie Sticky Notes Format
859 .SNU Bestandsextensie AVG Anti-Virus
860 .SNW Bestandsextensie Sweave Source
861 .SNX Bestandsextensie PISnoop Workspace Format
862 .SO Bestandsextensie ELF Shared Library Format
863 .SO-ABI Bestandsextensie Cocoa AbiWord Plug-in
864 .SO.0 Bestandsextensie Unix Shared Library Format
865 .SOA Bestandsextensie Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software Data
866 .SOAP Bestandsextensie Simple Object Access Protocol Message (SOAP) Message
867 .SOB Bestandsextensie Impress Bimap Styles Format
868 .SOC Bestandsextensie Colour Palettes And Various Style Elements
869 .SOCIALPHONEBOOK Bestandsextensie Sony Xperia Google Android Contact
870 .SOD Bestandsextensie Wolfenstein 3D Spear Of Destiny Game Data
871 .SOE Bestandsextensie Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire
872 .SOF Bestandsextensie Quartus II SRAM Object
873 .SOFT Bestandsextensie Autodesk Maya FCheck Data Format
874 .SOG Bestandsextensie Apache OpenOffice ( Colour Palettes Format
875 .SOH Bestandsextensie Colour Palettes And Various Style Elements Data Format
876 .SOI Bestandsextensie MENSI (Trimble) 3D Laser Enhanced 3D Scanner
877 .SOL Bestandsextensie Flash Local Shared Object Format
878 .SOLIDCONFIG Bestandsextensie STAR WARS: The Old Republic Launcher Config
879 .SOLITAIRESAVE-MS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Solitaire Saved Game
880 .SOLITAIRETHEME8 Bestandsextensie LoversLab Renamed RAR Archive Format
881 .SOM Bestandsextensie Corel Paradox Sort Information
882 .SON Bestandsextensie Notator SL Audio
883 .SONG Bestandsextensie System 7 Sound
884 .SONIC Bestandsextensie SonicArranger Audio Format
885 .SOP Bestandsextensie Malware Word.sop Data Format
886 .SOPT Bestandsextensie Synclavier Optical Disk Image Format
887 .SOR Bestandsextensie Corel Paradox Sort Definition
888 .SOS Bestandsextensie Dynamite VSP Swept Object Style
889 .SOU Bestandsextensie SBStudio II Sound Format
890 .SOUNDPACK Bestandsextensie SoundPackager Sound Package
891 .SOUNDS Bestandsextensie Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition Format
892 .SOUNDSCRIPT Bestandsextensie Rigs Of Rods Sound Script Description
893 .SOUNDSTUDIOPRESET Bestandsextensie Sound Studio Preset
894 .SOV Bestandsextensie 3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer SOVA Model
895 .SOW Bestandsextensie Descent ARJ Archive
896 .SOX Bestandsextensie Unix Sox Native Raw Sound
897 .SP Bestandsextensie SPICE Data Format
898 .SP* Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
899 .SP1 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows XP With Service Pack 1 Installation
900 .SP2 Bestandsextensie Super Ball 2 Level Format
901 .SP3 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows XP With Service Pack 3 Installation Format
902 .SP4 Bestandsextensie Roller Coaster Tycoon Saved Game
903 .SP45 Bestandsextensie SuperCard Player Format
904 .SP7 Bestandsextensie SAS Permanent Utility
905 .SP? Bestandsextensie LoseThos C+ Source
906 .SPA Bestandsextensie FutureSplash Movie (Adobe Flash)
907 .SPAR Bestandsextensie Spartan Chemical Modeller Output
908 .SPARC Bestandsextensie Skype Plugin Archive
909 .SPARSEBUNDLE Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Sparse Bundle
910 .SPARSEFS Bestandsextensie BlueStacks Data Folder Format
911 .SPARSEIMAGE Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Sparse Image
912 .SPARSIMAGE Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Image
913 .SPARTAN Bestandsextensie Spartan Chemical Document Format
914 .SPAWN Bestandsextensie S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
915 .SPB Bestandsextensie Flight Simulator Mission Format
916 .SPBA Bestandsextensie Samsung Kies Phone Contacts Library Format
917 .SPBM Bestandsextensie VMware VSphere Storage Policy Based Management Data Format
918 .SPC Bestandsextensie Software Publisher Certificate Format
919 .SPCMD Bestandsextensie Stereoscopic Player Command Data Format
920 .SPD Bestandsextensie SPSS Custom Dialog Format
921 .SPDATA Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio
922 .SPDB Bestandsextensie IGO Primo Speedcam Database
923 .SPDESIGNASAX Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
924 .SPDESIGNASMX Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
925 .SPDESIGNBAR Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
926 .SPDESIGNBOT Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
927 .SPDESIGNCONFIG Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Configuration
928 .SPDESIGNCSS Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
929 .SPDESIGNDOCLIB Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Design Library
930 .SPDESIGNEDITED Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Format
931 .SPDESIGNFILE Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
932 .SPDESIGNHOMEOP Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
933 .SPDESIGNHOMEPG Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
934 .SPDESIGNHTML Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
935 .SPDESIGNHTT Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
936 .SPDESIGNJS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer Format
937 .SPDESIGNLINKBAR Bestandsextensie Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer Format
938 .SPDESIGNLIST Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
939 .SPDESIGNLISTDATA Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
940 .SPDESIGNMASTER Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
941 .SPDESIGNNAV Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
942 .SPDESIGNNOPUB Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
943 .SPDESIGNOPEN Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
944 .SPDESIGNPICLIB Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
945 .SPDESIGNRESX Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
946 .SPDESIGNSHTM Bestandsextensie Microsoft SharePoint Desginer Shtml Document Format
947 .SPDESIGNSHTML Bestandsextensie Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer Format
948 .SPDESIGNSITEMAP Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Site Map
949 .SPDESIGNSKIN Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Skin
950 .SPDESIGNSTM Bestandsextensie Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer Format
951 .SPDESIGNSURVEY Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
952 .SPDESIGNTHEME Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Theme
953 .SPDESIGNTXT Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
954 .SPDESIGNUNKNOWN Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
955 .SPDESIGNWEB Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
956 .SPDESIGNWFDOCLIB Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
957 .SPDESIGNXML Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
958 .SPDESIGNXOML Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
959 .SPDESIGNXSL Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer Format
960 .SPDESIGNXSLT Bestandsextensie SharePoint Designer
961 .SPDF Bestandsextensie Sealed PDF Format
962 .SPE Bestandsextensie WinSpec CCD Capture Format
963 .SPEC Bestandsextensie RPM Specification Format
964 .SPECCY Bestandsextensie Speccy Snapshot Format
965 .SPEF Bestandsextensie Standard Parasitic Exchange Format
966 .SPENTRY Bestandsextensie Spartan Database
967 .SPF Bestandsextensie SlingPlayer Favorites Format
968 .SPFS Bestandsextensie Spider VMS Format Storage Format
969 .SPFX Bestandsextensie Squeeze Presets Format
970 .SPG Bestandsextensie TCP Optimizer Backup Format
971 .SPH Bestandsextensie Ribbons Sphere Format
972 .SPI Bestandsextensie ShadowProtect Incremental Backup Format
973 .SPIDERSOLITAIRESAVE-MS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game
974 .SPIFF Bestandsextensie Still Picture Interchange Format
975 .SPIN Bestandsextensie Apple Mac OS X Console Spin Report
976 .SPINPUT Bestandsextensie Spartan Job
977 .SPJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft ICE Panorama Project
978 .SPK Bestandsextensie Synology Package
979 .SPK2 Bestandsextensie SPARKvue Data Format
980 .SPKG Bestandsextensie Sage Package Format
981 .SPKZ Bestandsextensie Scribe Template
982 .SPL Bestandsextensie Windows Print Spool Format
983 .SPL7 Bestandsextensie SPlan Data
984 .SPLAN Bestandsextensie SPSS Statistics Simulation Plan Format
985 .SPLANE Bestandsextensie SimplePlanes Plane Data Format
986 .SPLASH Bestandsextensie Splash Pro EX Video Format
987 .SPLF Bestandsextensie SecureZIP Spool Data Format
988 .SPLIT Bestandsextensie Split
989 .SPLSP Bestandsextensie SmartPLS Project
990 .SPLT Bestandsextensie YDecode Split
991 .SPLX Bestandsextensie Code Package
992 .SPM Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect
993 .SPMO Bestandsextensie SpeedView Meta Object
994 .SPMOD Bestandsextensie SimplePlanes Game Modification Format
995 .SPN Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Distribution
996 .SPO Bestandsextensie SPSS Statistical Data Output Format
997 .SPOOL Bestandsextensie Ubisoft Game Launcher Data Format
998 .SPOTLIGHT-V100 Bestandsextensie Apple Spotlight Index Format
999 .SPP Bestandsextensie Serif PhotoPlus Picture Format
1000 .SPPACK Bestandsextensie SPPack Sound Sample
1001 .SPPT Bestandsextensie Sealed Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
1002 .SPQ Bestandsextensie SPSS Database Query Format
1003 .SPR Bestandsextensie Microsoft FoxPro Form Source Format
1004 .SPREPORTER Bestandsextensie Mac OS X System Profiler Reporter
1005 .SPRG Bestandsextensie Synclavier Program Format
1006 .SPRITE Bestandsextensie SuperTux Sprite Format
1007 .SPRITEFONT Bestandsextensie XNA Game Studio Font Format
1008 .SPRJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer Project
1009 .SPRX Bestandsextensie Sony Playstation 3 SPRX Firmware
1010 .SPS Bestandsextensie SPSS Program Format
1011 .SPSD Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
1012 .SPSS Bestandsextensie SPSS
1013 .SPSX Bestandsextensie IBM SPSS Password Protected Data Format
1014 .SPT Bestandsextensie SpeedTree Tree Data Format
1015 .SPU Bestandsextensie Spectrum 512 Image
1016 .SPUB Bestandsextensie Swift Publisher Document
1017 .SPV Bestandsextensie SPSS Output Document
1018 .SPVCHAIN Bestandsextensie MultiBit Blockchain Data Format
1019 .SPW Bestandsextensie SLIM-Master Plan Workbook
1020 .SPX Bestandsextensie Ogg Vorbis Speex Format
1021 .SPY Bestandsextensie SEO SpyGlass Project
1022 .SPZ Bestandsextensie Creston SIMPL Windows Compiled Program Format
1023 .SQ Bestandsextensie Sysquake Program
1024 .SQB Bestandsextensie SQL Backup SQL Server Backup Format
1025 .SQC Bestandsextensie Structured Query Language (SQL) Common Code Data Format
1026 .SQD Bestandsextensie SQ Data Format
1027 .SQF Bestandsextensie ArmA Script Format
1028 .SQFS Bestandsextensie Squash FS Bootable Format
1029 .SQH Bestandsextensie Harbinger Game
1030 .SQL Bestandsextensie Structured Query Language Data Format
1031 .SQLCE Bestandsextensie Microsoft SQL Server Data Format
1032 .SQLDATAPROVIDER Bestandsextensie DotNetNuke Script
1033 .SQLITE Bestandsextensie SQLite Database Format
1034 .SQLITE-JOURNAL Bestandsextensie Mozilla Firefox
1035 .SQLITE-SHM Bestandsextensie SQLite Shared Memory
1036 .SQLITE-WAL Bestandsextensie SQLite Quasi-persistent
1037 .SQLITE2 Bestandsextensie SQLite 2.0 Database Format
1038 .SQLITE3 Bestandsextensie SQLite 3 Database Format
1039 .SQLITE3-JOURNAL Bestandsextensie SQLite Temporary
1040 .SQLITEDB Bestandsextensie SQLite Database
1041 .SQLITEDB-SHM Bestandsextensie SQLite Database Shared Memory
1042 .SQLITEDB-WAL Bestandsextensie SQLite Quasi-persistent Data Format
1043 .SQLJET Bestandsextensie Eclipse JET SQL Template
1044 .SQLPLAN Bestandsextensie Microsoft SQL Server Data Format
1045 .SQLPROJ Bestandsextensie Visual Studio SQL Server Project
1046 .SQM Bestandsextensie Service Quality Monitoring Format
1047 .SQN Bestandsextensie SAS Sequential Access
1048 .SQO Bestandsextensie Squeak Object Format
1049 .SQR Bestandsextensie SQL Program Format
1050 .SQS Bestandsextensie Operation Flashpoint Game Script
1051 .SQU Bestandsextensie LabWindows/CVI Test Executive Toolkit Sequence
1052 .SQUASHFS Bestandsextensie Squashfs Format System Format
1053 .SQX Bestandsextensie SQX Archive
1054 .SQY Bestandsextensie Xaira Query
1055 .SQZ Bestandsextensie Squeeze Project Format
1056 .SR Bestandsextensie Sun Raster Image Format
1057 .SR0 Bestandsextensie SecuROM Analysis Format
1058 .SR2 Bestandsextensie Sony RAW Image
1059 .SR4 Bestandsextensie SIR Database
1060 .SR5 Bestandsextensie Graph Saurus Bitmap Image Format
1061 .SR7 Bestandsextensie Graph Saurus Picture Image Format
1062 .SR8 Bestandsextensie RECOIL Data Format
1063 .SRA Bestandsextensie Powerbuilder Application
1064 .SRB Bestandsextensie Corel ClipArt ScrapBook Data Format
1065 .SRC Bestandsextensie Source Code
1066 .SRC.RPM Bestandsextensie Red Hat Package Manager Source Format
1067 .SRD Bestandsextensie PowerBuilder Data Window
1068 .SRE Bestandsextensie Windows CE 5.0
1069 .SREP Bestandsextensie SuperREP Compressed Format
1070 .SRF Bestandsextensie Sony RAW Image
1071 .SRFMAP Bestandsextensie Terragen Map
1072 .SRG Bestandsextensie Microsoft PowerPoint Self-registration Data Format
1073 .SRI Bestandsextensie Dragon NaturallySpeaking Audio
1074 .SRJ Bestandsextensie PowerBuilder Project
1075 .SRK Bestandsextensie Sub Rosa Client Format
1076 .SRL Bestandsextensie Arquitienda Local Database
1077 .SRM Bestandsextensie Super Nintendo ROM Save Format
1078 .SRP Bestandsextensie Checkpoint Exported VPN Client Information
1079 .SRPM Bestandsextensie Linux Source RPM Package
1080 .SRQ Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows Server Unprocessed Request
1081 .SRR Bestandsextensie ReScene Metadata Format
1082 .SRS Bestandsextensie Outlook Send/Receive Settings Format
1083 .SRT Bestandsextensie SubRip Subtitle Format
1084 .SRT0 Bestandsextensie Wii Texture Animation Format
1085 .SRU Bestandsextensie PowerBuilder User Object
1086 .SRV Bestandsextensie FBB Initialization
1087 .SRW Bestandsextensie Samsung RAW Image
1088 .SRX Bestandsextensie SPARQL Query Results XML Format Result
1089 .SRZ Bestandsextensie DataFlex Source
1090 .SS Bestandsextensie Scheme Source Code Format
1091 .SS0 Bestandsextensie GameBoid First Saving Slot
1092 .SS4 Bestandsextensie SigScribe4 Design
1093 .SS7 Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
1094 .SSA Bestandsextensie Sub Station Alpha Subtitle Format
1095 .SSAGE Bestandsextensie Inbound Internet Email Message
1096 .SSB Bestandsextensie SmartSync Pro Program Setting
1097 .SSC Bestandsextensie SourceSafe Status Format
1098 .SSCS Bestandsextensie Saropa Smart Copy Script
1099 .SSC_RDRP_KEY Bestandsextensie RamDisk License Key Format
1100 .SSD Bestandsextensie WindowBlinds Skin Format List
1101 .SSD01 Bestandsextensie Unix SAS Data Sets
1102 .SSDF Bestandsextensie Simple Structured Data Format
1103 .SSDL Bestandsextensie Sonicfire Pro Music
1104 .SSE Bestandsextensie StrataSearch
1105 .SSEQ Bestandsextensie Nintendo DS Sound Format
1106 .SSF Bestandsextensie Trimble Standard Storage Format
1107 .SSFN Bestandsextensie Steam Guard Data Format
1108 .SSFREC Bestandsextensie Super Smash Flash Recording Data Format
1109 .SSFSAV Bestandsextensie Super Smash Flash Saved Game Format
1110 .SSG Bestandsextensie Single-Step Goal Template
1111 .SSH Bestandsextensie Data Fellows Secure Shell Document
1112 .SSI Bestandsextensie Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include Format
1113 .SSIF Bestandsextensie Blu-ray Stereoscopic Interleaved Movie
1114 .SSII Bestandsextensie ProReveal Data Format
1115 .SSIS Bestandsextensie ProReveal Settings Format
1116 .SSISDEPLOYMENTMANIFEST Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Deployment
1117 .SSIW Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect 4 For Mac Document
1118 .SSJ Bestandsextensie STAR Splice Junction Data Format
1119 .SSK Bestandsextensie FutureWave SmartSketch Vector Graphics Format
1120 .SSKD Bestandsextensie On Schedule Schedule
1121 .SSL Bestandsextensie Sunlight ScanLibrary Format
1122 .SSL2 Bestandsextensie Sunlight ScanLibrary 2 Format
1123 .SSLEAY Bestandsextensie SSLeay Data Format
1124 .SSLF Bestandsextensie HLSW Shared Server List Format
1125 .SSM Bestandsextensie Standard Streaming Metafile
1126 .SSML Bestandsextensie Speech Synthesis Markup Language Source
1127 .SSMSASPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft Analysis Server Project Format
1128 .SSMSMOBILEPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft SQL Server Project Format
1129 .SSMSSLN Bestandsextensie Microsoft SQL Server Data Format
1130 .SSMSSQLPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft SQL Server Project
1131 .SSN Bestandsextensie Shutdown Scheduler Shared Notes Data
1132 .SSND Bestandsextensie Synclavier Sound Format
1133 .SSO Bestandsextensie ChessDB Search Options
1134 .SSO_PT Bestandsextensie Foxit Reader Data Format
1135 .SSP Bestandsextensie SAS Transport Data Format
1136 .SSS Bestandsextensie WindowBlinds Substyle Format
1137 .SSS~ Bestandsextensie WindowBlinds Temporary
1138 .SST Bestandsextensie Serialized Certificate Store Format
1139 .SSU Bestandsextensie Systems Management Server Hierarchy Manager Site Update
1140 .SSUP Bestandsextensie Sonicfire Pro Update Format
1141 .SSV Bestandsextensie ShadowFlare Saved Game Format
1142 .SSW Bestandsextensie Sealed Flash Format
1143 .SSWF Bestandsextensie Sealed SWF Flash
1144 .SSX Bestandsextensie IBM Rational XDE
1145 .SSY Bestandsextensie W32/Sober-AD
1146 .SSZ Bestandsextensie Spider Player Skin
1147 .ST Bestandsextensie Atari ST Disk Image
1148 .ST0 Bestandsextensie SPICE Status
1149 .ST1 Bestandsextensie SPICE Status
1150 .ST2 Bestandsextensie SPICE Status
1151 .ST3 Bestandsextensie SPICE Status
1152 .ST3PLUGIN Bestandsextensie SportTracks Plugin Format
1153 .ST4 Bestandsextensie Pinnacle Studio 400 Project
1154 .ST45 Bestandsextensie SuperCard Trial Project Format
1155 .ST5 Bestandsextensie SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
1156 .ST6 Bestandsextensie SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
1157 .ST7 Bestandsextensie SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
1158 .ST8 Bestandsextensie SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Photo
1159 .ST9 Bestandsextensie SPICE Status
1160 .STA Bestandsextensie ABAQUS Status Format
1161 .STAGE Bestandsextensie 2D Fighter Maker Stage Data Format
1162 .STAP Bestandsextensie Soundtrack Pro Audio Project Format
1163 .STARTUPINFO Bestandsextensie E-Prime 2.0 Startup Info Format
1164 .STAT Bestandsextensie Statistics
1165 .STATE Bestandsextensie Windows Photo Gallery User
1166 .STATES Bestandsextensie IconX Preset
1167 .STATICMESH Bestandsextensie Battlefield Static Mesh
1168 .STATS Bestandsextensie FreeSurfer Statistics Format
1169 .STATUS Bestandsextensie UDraw(Graph)
1170 .STB Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Plot Style Table Format
1171 .STBOM Bestandsextensie CATIA Stbom
1172 .STC Bestandsextensie Calc Spreadsheet Template Format
1173 .STD Bestandsextensie Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template
1174 .STDID Bestandsextensie Token Seed Data Format
1175 .STDL Bestandsextensie Swift To-Do List Database
1176 .STDSRCMDL Bestandsextensie Softimage Source Model Format
1177 .STE Bestandsextensie Dreamweaver Site Settings Format
1178 .STEAMSTART Bestandsextensie Valve Steam Start Format
1179 .STEM Bestandsextensie Native Instruments Stems Audio Data Format
1180 .STEM.MP4 Bestandsextensie Native Instruments Stems Audio Format
1181 .STENCYL Bestandsextensie Stencyl Game Data Format
1182 .STEP Bestandsextensie STEP 3D Model
1183 .STF Bestandsextensie Microsoft ACME Setup Table Format
1184 .STFX Bestandsextensie SampleTank Settings
1185 .STG Bestandsextensie ActiveSync Backup Format
1186 .STH Bestandsextensie Lotus Domino Stash Format
1187 .STI Bestandsextensie StarOffice Presentation Template
1188 .STIP Bestandsextensie SampleTank Instrument Preset
1189 .STK Bestandsextensie Personal Stock Monitor Format
1190 .STL Bestandsextensie Stereolithography Format
1191 .STM Bestandsextensie HTML Server Side Include Format
1192 .STMA Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
1193 .STMB Bestandsextensie Synclavier Timbre Format
1194 .STML Bestandsextensie SSI HTML Format
1195 .STMP Bestandsextensie Apple Soundtrack Pro Project
1196 .STMX Bestandsextensie STELLA XMILE Model Format
1197 .STN Bestandsextensie ArcView Geocoding Standardization
1198 .STN= Bestandsextensie Genuine Fractals STING
1199 .STO Bestandsextensie PRO100 3D Interior Design Project
1200 .STOREINFO Bestandsextensie Nokia Ovi Music Player Data Format
1201 .STORMREPLAY Bestandsextensie Heroes Of The Storm Game Replay Format
1202 .STORY Bestandsextensie Storyist Document
1203 .STORYBOARD Bestandsextensie Interface Builder Storyboard Document
1204 .STORYISTTHEME Bestandsextensie Storyist Application Theme Format
1205 .STORYMILL Bestandsextensie StoryMill Project Format
1206 .STOT Bestandsextensie Mac OS Help Index
1207 .STP Bestandsextensie STEP 3D CAD Format
1208 .STPL Bestandsextensie Sevilla Template Format
1209 .STPLZ Bestandsextensie Sevilla Compressed Template Format
1210 .STPROJ Bestandsextensie Samsung Theme Document
1211 .STPZ Bestandsextensie Catia Compressed STEP Document Format
1212 .STQ Bestandsextensie StatSoft Statistica Text
1213 .STR Bestandsextensie DBASE Structure List Object Format
1214 .STRD Bestandsextensie Octatrack Project
1215 .STREAM Bestandsextensie Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Bundle Data Format
1216 .STREAMED Bestandsextensie Rage Id Tech 5 Game Language
1217 .STRG Bestandsextensie E-Viewer Recorded Video Copy Backup
1218 .STRING Bestandsextensie UltraEdit Data Format
1219 .STRINGS Bestandsextensie Text Strings Format
1220 .STRK Bestandsextensie Geologger Track Format
1221 .STRM Bestandsextensie Plex Media Server Settings
1222 .STRUCT Bestandsextensie Microsoft XPS Document Structure
1223 .STS Bestandsextensie ScreamTracker Song Format
1224 .STSG Bestandsextensie SuperTux Saved Game
1225 .STSKIN Bestandsextensie Steam Skin Format
1226 .STT Bestandsextensie Streets & Trips Map Template
1227 .STTPL Bestandsextensie Samsung Theme Showcase Format
1228 .STU Bestandsextensie Pinnacle Studio Project Format
1229 .STUB Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Stub Library
1230 .STUDIO Bestandsextensie Silhouette Studio Data Format
1231 .STUDIO3 Bestandsextensie Silhouette Studio Data Format
1232 .STUFF Bestandsextensie Eve Online Game Archive
1233 .STUFFIT11TASK Bestandsextensie Stuffit Scheduler Task Format
1234 .STUFFITTASK Bestandsextensie StuffIt Scheduler Format
1235 .STVPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio
1236 .STW Bestandsextensie StarOffice Document Template
1237 .STWM Bestandsextensie SuperTux World Map Format
1238 .STX Bestandsextensie Pinnacle Studio Project Format
1239 .STXT Bestandsextensie Sealed Text Document
1240 .STY Bestandsextensie LaTeX Style
1241 .STYK Bestandsextensie Stykz Stick Figure
1242 .STYKZ Bestandsextensie Stykz Animation
1243 .STYL Bestandsextensie Stylus CSS Script
1244 .STYLE Bestandsextensie SketchUp Style
1245 .STYLES Bestandsextensie Steam Client GUI Resource
1246 .STYX Bestandsextensie Songtrix Style Format
1247 .STZ Bestandsextensie Screamtracker 2 Module Format
1248 .SU Bestandsextensie SUwin Project
1249 .SU3 Bestandsextensie Su3De
1250 .SU? Bestandsextensie Standard Mail Archive
1251 .SUA Bestandsextensie SeeYou Airspace
1252 .SUB Bestandsextensie Subtitle Format
1253 .SUBLIME-BUILD Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Build
1254 .SUBLIME-COMPLETIONS Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Completions
1255 .SUBLIME-KEYMAP Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Keymap
1256 .SUBLIME-MENU Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Menu
1257 .SUBLIME-MOUSEMAP Bestandsextensie Subliem Text Mousemap
1258 .SUBLIME-PACKAGE Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Compressed Extension Package
1259 .SUBLIME-PROJECT Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Project Format
1260 .SUBLIME-SESSION Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Session
1261 .SUBLIME-SETTINGS Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Settings
1262 .SUBLIME-SNIPPET Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Snippet Format
1263 .SUBLIME-SYNTAX Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Syntax Definition Format
1264 .SUBLIME-THEME Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Theme
1265 .SUBLIME-WORKSPACE Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Workspace Format
1266 .SUBSTVAR Bestandsextensie TIBCO Substitution Variable Data Format
1267 .SUC Bestandsextensie Softrans Hello Engines! 2.1
1268 .SUCATALOG Bestandsextensie Apple Mac OS X Software Update SUCatalog
1269 .SUCCESS Bestandsextensie WOW! Log Format
1270 .SUCK Bestandsextensie SiteSucker Website Format
1271 .SUD Bestandsextensie Super Project Analyzer Format
1272 .SUF Bestandsextensie Ccrypt Encrypted Format
1273 .SUGAR Bestandsextensie Espresso Plug-in
1274 .SUI Bestandsextensie StarSplatter User Interface Format
1275 .SUIT Bestandsextensie Macintosh Font Suitcase
1276 .SUITE Bestandsextensie Stardock WinStyles Suite
1277 .SUL Bestandsextensie Gfa Raytrace Image
1278 .SUM Bestandsextensie Garmin Checksum Format
1279 .SUML Bestandsextensie Violet Simple UML Diagram Format
1280 .SUMO Bestandsextensie Sumo Paint Image
1281 .SUN Bestandsextensie Sun Raster Graphic Format
1282 .SUN4 Bestandsextensie SunOS Solaris 4
1283 .SUNIFF Bestandsextensie Sun TAAC Image
1284 .SUO Bestandsextensie Visual Studio Solution User Options Format
1285 .SUP Bestandsextensie Subtitle Bitmap Format
1286 .SUPERCOLLAPSE3SAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Super Collapse! 3 Saved Game Format
1287 .SUPF Bestandsextensie Egothor Similar Unit Pairs Data Format
1288 .SUPP Bestandsextensie IOS Application Archive Format
1289 .SUPPORTED Bestandsextensie MAC OS X
1290 .SUR Bestandsextensie Freelancer Three Dimensional Collision Zone Data
1291 .SURF Bestandsextensie Surf 3D Scanner
1292 .SURFPLACE Bestandsextensie Microsoft Money User Profile
1293 .SUS Bestandsextensie Synergy Accounts Update Script
1294 .SUT Bestandsextensie ELITEpro Data Logger
1295 .SV$ Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Automated Backup Format
1296 .SV1 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
1297 .SV2 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
1298 .SV2I Bestandsextensie Symantec System Index Format
1299 .SV3 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game Format
1300 .SV4 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
1301 .SV4CPIO Bestandsextensie System V Release 4 CPIO Archive
1302 .SV4CRC Bestandsextensie GnuWin32 CPIO Checksum Data
1303 .SV5 Bestandsextensie BigJig Saved Puzzle
1304 .SV6 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
1305 .SV8 Bestandsextensie RollerCoaster Tycoon
1306 .SVA Bestandsextensie Manga Browser Comic Format
1307 .SVAG Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
1308 .SVB Bestandsextensie STATISTICA Macro
1309 .SVC Bestandsextensie WCF Web Service Format
1310 .SVCD Bestandsextensie SVCD Video Format
1311 .SVCINFO Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio WCF Service Information Data Format
1312 .SVCLOG Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Diagnostics
1313 .SVCMAP Bestandsextensie Windows Communication Foundation WCF Reference
1314 .SVD Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word Document Autosave Format
1315 .SVE Bestandsextensie Simutrans Saved Game
1316 .SVF Bestandsextensie Serial Vector Format
1317 .SVG Bestandsextensie Scalable Vector Graphics Format
1318 .SVGZ Bestandsextensie Compressed SVG Format
1319 .SVH Bestandsextensie Fly! Simulated Vehicle Specification
1320 .SVI Bestandsextensie Samsung Video Format
1321 .SVL Bestandsextensie Scramdisk Volume
1322 .SVM Bestandsextensie StarView Metafile
1323 .SVN Bestandsextensie Personal Paint Slovenian Language User Interface
1324 .SVN-BASE Bestandsextensie Subversion Base Format
1325 .SVN-WORK Bestandsextensie Subversion Cache Format
1326 .SVO Bestandsextensie STATISTICA Macro
1327 .SVP Bestandsextensie Virtual DJ Visualization Effects
1328 .SVQ Bestandsextensie Roland Keyboard Midi Sequence
1329 .SVR Bestandsextensie Compressed Virtual World
1330 .SVS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word Style Sheet Autosave Format
1331 .SVSLIDE Bestandsextensie OpenSlide Sakura Virtual Slide Format
1332 .SVT Bestandsextensie Torchlight Saved Game Format
1333 .SVW Bestandsextensie SpecView Format
1334 .SVX Bestandsextensie Survex Cavern Data Format
1335 .SVZ Bestandsextensie Savez
1336 .SW Bestandsextensie Signed Word Audio Format
1337 .SW0 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1338 .SW1 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1339 .SW2 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output Format
1340 .SW3 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1341 .SW4 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1342 .SW5 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1343 .SW6 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1344 .SW7 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1345 .SW8 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1346 .SW9 Bestandsextensie SPICE Sweep Operations Output
1347 .SWA Bestandsextensie Shockwave Audio
1348 .SWATCH Bestandsextensie Autodesk Maya FCheck Data Format
1349 .SWAV Bestandsextensie Nintendo DS Audio Format
1350 .SWB Bestandsextensie Adobe Photoshop
1351 .SWC Bestandsextensie Flex Components Archive
1352 .SWD Bestandsextensie Flash Debug Format
1353 .SWDB Bestandsextensie ClarisWorks 3 And 4 Database
1354 .SWDOC Bestandsextensie SymWriter Document Format
1355 .SWE Bestandsextensie NHL Ice Hockey 2002 Required
1356 .SWEB Bestandsextensie SpiderWEB Document
1357 .SWF Bestandsextensie Shockwave Flash Movie
1358 .SWF2 Bestandsextensie Flash
1359 .SWFL Bestandsextensie Shockwave Flash
1360 .SWG Bestandsextensie SWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
1361 .SWGR Bestandsextensie ClarisWorks Version 3/4 Drawing
1362 .SWI Bestandsextensie SWiSH Project Format
1363 .SWIDTAG Bestandsextensie Software Identification Tag
1364 .SWIFT Bestandsextensie Apple Swift Programming Language Source Code
1365 .SWISH-E Bestandsextensie SWISH-E
1366 .SWITCH Bestandsextensie Switch Package
1367 .SWITCHBOARD Bestandsextensie Adobe SwitchBoard Server
1368 .SWJ Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Journal Format
1369 .SWK Bestandsextensie StudyWorks Save Format
1370 .SWL Bestandsextensie Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
1371 .SWLT Bestandsextensie SafeWallet
1372 .SWM Bestandsextensie Split Windows Imaging Format
1373 .SWN Bestandsextensie Vim Temporary
1374 .SWO Bestandsextensie Vim Temporary
1375 .SWP Bestandsextensie Vi Swap Format
1376 .SWQ Bestandsextensie SWAT Stream Water Quality Input
1377 .SWS Bestandsextensie SWiSh Studio
1378 .SWSS Bestandsextensie ClarisWork Spreadsheet
1379 .SWSTD Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Design Checker Data Format
1380 .SWT Bestandsextensie Flash Generator Template
1381 .SWTAG Bestandsextensie Adobe Creative Suite Software Tag
1382 .SWV Bestandsextensie Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings Format
1383 .SWW Bestandsextensie Anno Saved Game
1384 .SWZ Bestandsextensie Adobe Flash Player Cache Format
1385 .SWZK Bestandsextensie SWiSH Data Format
1386 .SX Bestandsextensie SimplexNumerica Data Format
1387 .SXC Bestandsextensie StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
1388 .SXD Bestandsextensie StarOffice Drawing
1389 .SXE Bestandsextensie ProfiCAD Document
1390 .SXG Bestandsextensie Apache OpenOffice Master Document
1391 .SXI Bestandsextensie StarOffice Impress Presentation
1392 .SXL Bestandsextensie Sealed Excel Worksheet
1393 .SXLS Bestandsextensie Sealed Excel Spreadsheet
1394 .SXLSX Bestandsextensie Sealed Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet
1395 .SXM Bestandsextensie StarMath Formula
1396 .SXML Bestandsextensie Sealed XML Document
1397 .SXP Bestandsextensie RedHat Linux Configuration Format
1398 .SXS Bestandsextensie SAS Stat Studio Module Source Code
1399 .SXT Bestandsextensie Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch Format
1400 .SXV Bestandsextensie Action Repeater Macro
1401 .SXW Bestandsextensie StarOffice Writer Document
1402 .SXX Bestandsextensie SAS Stat Studio Module Executable
1403 .SXZ Bestandsextensie Snarl Extension Format
1404 .SY Bestandsextensie Simplexety Data Format
1405 .SY0 Bestandsextensie WordExpress
1406 .SY1 Bestandsextensie Synth 1 Patch
1407 .SY3 Bestandsextensie Harvard Graphics Symbol Format
1408 .SY7 Bestandsextensie Synchro Studio 7 Output
1409 .SYB Bestandsextensie Syberia Game Data Format
1410 .SYC Bestandsextensie Sniffer Capture
1411 .SYD Bestandsextensie SYSTAT Data
1412 .SYDS Bestandsextensie Essential Studio Data Format
1413 .SYDW Bestandsextensie Essential Studio Dashboard Data Format
1414 .SYG Bestandsextensie SYSTAT Graph
1415 .SYH Bestandsextensie Synchomatic Instrument
1416 .SYK Bestandsextensie Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link Format
1417 .SYLK Bestandsextensie Microsoft Symbolic Link Format
1418 .SYM Bestandsextensie Symbols Format
1419 .SYMLINK Bestandsextensie Symbolic Link Format
1420 .SYN Bestandsextensie SimSynth Document
1421 .SYNC Bestandsextensie Apple ColorSync
1422 .SYNCCONFLICT Bestandsextensie ITunes Synchronization Conflict Data Format
1423 .SYNCDB Bestandsextensie ITunes Saved Contact Database
1424 .SYNCDB-JOURNAL Bestandsextensie SQLite Data Format
1425 .SYNCIDDB Bestandsextensie SQLite Data Format
1426 .SYNCIDDB-JOURNAL Bestandsextensie SQLite Data Format
1427 .SYNDARTICLE Bestandsextensie Paralllels Desktop
1428 .SYNK5LICENCE Bestandsextensie Synk 5 Licence
1429 .SYNKLICENCE Bestandsextensie Synk Licence
1430 .SYNU Bestandsextensie Synthetic Universe Image Format
1431 .SYNW-PROJ Bestandsextensie SynWrite Project Format
1432 .SYP Bestandsextensie SYP Source
1433 .SYR Bestandsextensie Xilinx XST Synthesis Report Format
1434 .SYS Bestandsextensie Windows System Format
1435 .SYS-OLD Bestandsextensie Cygwin Terminfo
1436 .SYSK Bestandsextensie Cygwin Terminfo
1437 .SYSML Bestandsextensie Systems Modeling Language Document Format
1438 .SYSTAG Bestandsextensie Google Android Data Format
1439 .SYSTEM Bestandsextensie Vega Strike Virtual System Format
1440 .SYSTEMINCLUDEDIRECTORIESLIST Bestandsextensie Java Language
1441 .SYV Bestandsextensie Outline 4D
1442 .SYW Bestandsextensie Yamaha SY99/SY85 Audio Format
1443 .SYX Bestandsextensie MIDI System Exclusive Message
1444 .SY_ Bestandsextensie Compressed SYS Format
1445 .SY~ Bestandsextensie CorelDRAW
1446 .SZ Bestandsextensie Winamp Classic Skin Download
1447 .SZ3 Bestandsextensie ScreamTracker V3
1448 .SZ4 Bestandsextensie E-triloquist Phrase Library Format
1449 .SZA Bestandsextensie HiCAD NeXt Construction
1450 .SZF Bestandsextensie SilverDAT II Data Exchange Format
1451 .SZN Bestandsextensie HiCAD 3D CAD Drawing Format
1452 .SZP Bestandsextensie SecureZIP Policy
1453 .SZS Bestandsextensie Wii Game Data Format