# Bestandsextensie Bestandsnaam
1 .1ST Bestandsextensie Readme Format
2 .ABW Bestandsextensie AbiWord Document
3 .AC Bestandsextensie AC3D Geometry Format
4 .ACSM Bestandsextensie Adobe Content Server Message Format
5 .ADPR Bestandsextensie Atlantis Word Processor Project Format
6 .AIM Bestandsextensie AIMMS ASCII Model Format
7 .ANS Bestandsextensie ANSI Text Format
8 .ANSI Bestandsextensie Mistaken TXT Document Format
9 .APNX Bestandsextensie Amazon Page Number Index Format
10 .APT Bestandsextensie Almost Plain Text Format
11 .ARTASK Bestandsextensie Remedy User Tool Shortcut Format
12 .ASC Bestandsextensie ASCII Text Format
13 .ASCII Bestandsextensie ASCII Text Format
14 .ATY Bestandsextensie Association Type Placeholder
15 .AVA Bestandsextensie AvaaBook EBook
16 .AWP Bestandsextensie Ability Write Template
17 .AWT Bestandsextensie AbiWord Template
18 .AWW Bestandsextensie Ability Write Document
19 .AZN Bestandsextensie Amazon Kindle Newspaper Data Format
20 .AZW Bestandsextensie Amazon Kindle EBook Format
21 .AZW1 Bestandsextensie Amazon Topaz EBook
22 .AZW3 Bestandsextensie Amazon KF8 EBook Format
23 .AZW4 Bestandsextensie Amazon Print Replica EBook
24 .AZW6 Bestandsextensie Amazon Kindle EBook Format
25 .BAD Bestandsextensie Exchange Badmail Format
26 .BBS Bestandsextensie Bulletin Board System Text
27 .BCARD Bestandsextensie Business Card Composer Project Format
28 .BDN Bestandsextensie Blu-ray BDN XML Subtitle Data Format
29 .BDP Bestandsextensie Exchange Diagnostic Message
30 .BDR Bestandsextensie Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body Format
31 .BEAN Bestandsextensie Bean Rich Text Document
32 .BIB Bestandsextensie BibTeX Bibliography Database
33 .BKK Bestandsextensie BookBuddi EBook Format
34 .BLI Bestandsextensie Thomson Speedtouch Firmware Format
35 .BMPR Bestandsextensie Balsamiq Mockups Document Format
36 .BNA Bestandsextensie Atlas Boundary Format
37 .BNX Bestandsextensie Board Neutral Exchange Data Format
38 .BOC Bestandsextensie EasyWord Big Document
39 .BOP Bestandsextensie Business Office Pro Document Format
40 .BPNUEB Bestandsextensie PNU EBook Format
41 .BRL Bestandsextensie MicroBraille Document Format
42 .BTD Bestandsextensie Business-in-a-Box Document
43 .BZABW Bestandsextensie Compressed AbiWord Document
44 .CADOC Bestandsextensie Clicker App Document Format
45 .CALCA Bestandsextensie Calca Document Format
46 .CAPT Bestandsextensie Linrock Capito Data Format
47 .CBC Bestandsextensie Comic Book Collection
48 .CDDZ Bestandsextensie ConceptDraw Document Format
49 .CDML Bestandsextensie Creately Document Markup Language Document Format
50 .CEB Bestandsextensie Apabi EBook Format
51 .CEBX Bestandsextensie Apabi E-Book Data Format
52 .CHARSET Bestandsextensie Character Set
53 .CHART Bestandsextensie Feedback Chart Format
54 .CHMPRJ Bestandsextensie Abee CHM Maker HTML Archive Format
55 .CHORD Bestandsextensie Song Chords Format
56 .CLG Bestandsextensie QIP List Of Ignored Contacts Format
57 .CLKD Bestandsextensie Clicker Document Format
58 .CM0013 Bestandsextensie Device Identify Data Format
59 .CNM Bestandsextensie NoteMap Outline Format
60 .COMICLIFE Bestandsextensie Comic Life Document Format
61 .COMICTPL Bestandsextensie Comic Life Template Format
62 .COMPOSITIONTEMPLATE Bestandsextensie Invantive Composition Template Format
63 .CRWL Bestandsextensie Windows Crawl Format
64 .CVJ Bestandsextensie Cabinet Vision Solid Job Document Format
65 .CWS Bestandsextensie Claris Works Template
66 .CYI Bestandsextensie Clustify Input Format
67 .DCA Bestandsextensie DisplayWrite Document
68 .DEA Bestandsextensie Drug Enforcement Administration Record Data Format
69 .DECTEST Bestandsextensie Decimal Test Data Format
70 .DFTI Bestandsextensie FlexiWrite Document Format
71 .DGS Bestandsextensie Dagesh Pro Document
72 .DIZ Bestandsextensie Description In Zip Format
73 .DNE Bestandsextensie Netica Text Format
74 .DNL Bestandsextensie DNAML EBook Format
75 .DOC Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word Document
76 .DOC# Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word Document
77 .DOCM Bestandsextensie Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
78 .DOCT Bestandsextensie OnlyOffice Online Office Converted Docx Format
79 .DOCX Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word Open XML Document
80 .DOCXML Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word XML Document
81 .DOCZ Bestandsextensie ThinkFree Online Note Document
82 .DOTM Bestandsextensie Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
83 .DOTX Bestandsextensie Word Open XML Document Template
84 .DPF Bestandsextensie F-Secure Default Policy Format
85 .DPSO Bestandsextensie WPS Presentation Outward Document Format
86 .DRP Bestandsextensie Droplets Data Format
87 .DSV Bestandsextensie DeSmuME Save Format
88 .DVI Bestandsextensie Device Independent Format
89 .DX Bestandsextensie DEC WPS Plus Format
90 .EBK Bestandsextensie EBook Pro EBook Format
91 .EDD Bestandsextensie Adobe FrameMaker Element Definition Document Format
92 .EFM Bestandsextensie Electronic Fiction Manuscript Format
93 .EGR Bestandsextensie Crestron Studio Engraver Document Format
94 .EMCX Bestandsextensie Mastercam X Educational Document Format
95 .EML Bestandsextensie E-Mail Message
96 .EMLX Bestandsextensie Mail Message
97 .EMULECOLLECTION Bestandsextensie EMule Data Format
98 .EN Bestandsextensie English Language Localization Format
99 .ENG Bestandsextensie English Language Localization Format
100 .EPUB Bestandsextensie Open EBook Format
101 .ERR Bestandsextensie Error Log Format
102 .ESD Bestandsextensie ExpertScan Survey Document Format
103 .ETD Bestandsextensie Adobe Reader EBX Transfer Data Format
104 .ETE Bestandsextensie Exam Testing Engine Test Format
105 .ETF Bestandsextensie ENIGMA Transportable Format
106 .ETX Bestandsextensie Setext Structure Enhanced Text Format
107 .EUC Bestandsextensie Extended Unix Code Format
108 .FAQ Bestandsextensie Frequently Asked Questions Document
109 .FB2 Bestandsextensie FictionBook 2.0 Format
110 .FBL Bestandsextensie CADfix Command Level Log Format
111 .FC5 Bestandsextensie Flow Charting Diagram Format
112 .FCF Bestandsextensie Final Draft Converter Format
113 .FDF Bestandsextensie Acrobat Forms Data Format
114 .FDR Bestandsextensie Final Draft Document
115 .FDT Bestandsextensie Final Draft 5-7 Template
116 .FDX Bestandsextensie Final Draft Document
117 .FDXT Bestandsextensie Final Draft 8 Template
118 .FFP Bestandsextensie FLAC Fingerprint Data Format
119 .FLR Bestandsextensie Netscape Live3D Format
120 .FODT Bestandsextensie OpenDocument Flat XML Document
121 .FRDOC Bestandsextensie ABBYY Finereader Document Format
122 .FREEWAY Bestandsextensie Freeway Pro Project Format
123 .FRG Bestandsextensie DBASE IV Uncompiled Report Format
124 .FRT Bestandsextensie FoxPro Report Memo
125 .FTLX Bestandsextensie Apache Freemaker XML Template Format
126 .FWDN Bestandsextensie FWriter Document
127 .FWTB Bestandsextensie Freeway Pro Template Bundle Format
128 .FWTEMPLATE Bestandsextensie Freeway Pro Template Format
129 .FWTEMPLATEB Bestandsextensie Freeway Pro Template Bundle Format
130 .GDOC Bestandsextensie Google Drive Document
131 .GEV Bestandsextensie GelEval Document Format
132 .GEVL Bestandsextensie GelEval Document Format
133 .GIL Bestandsextensie GILS Document Format
134 .GJAM Bestandsextensie Google Jamboard Document Format
135 .GLUAW Bestandsextensie Programmers Notepad Text Format
136 .GNOTE Bestandsextensie Google Keep Note Format
137 .GNU Bestandsextensie GNU Licence Information Format
138 .GPD Bestandsextensie Generic Printer Description Format
139 .GPN Bestandsextensie GlidePlan Map Document
140 .GSD Bestandsextensie General Station Description Format
141 .GSH Bestandsextensie GenStat Spreadsheet Format
142 .GTHR Bestandsextensie Gather Log Format
143 .GV Bestandsextensie Graphviz DOT Format
144 .HBK Bestandsextensie Mathcad Handbook Format
145 .HHT Bestandsextensie Help And Support Center HHT Format
146 .HM12 Bestandsextensie Readme Document For Linux Driver Patch Format
147 .HT3 Bestandsextensie HTML Document Format
148 .HTML0 Bestandsextensie Book Designer Format
149 .HTMLZ Bestandsextensie Zipped HTML EBook
150 .HTXT Bestandsextensie Hanvon EBook Format
151 .HTZ4 Bestandsextensie HyperMaker 4 Publication
152 .HTZ5 Bestandsextensie HyperMaker 5 Publication
153 .HVC Bestandsextensie ASCII Format
154 .HWP Bestandsextensie Hanword Document
155 .HWPML Bestandsextensie Hangul Word Processor Markup Language Document Format
156 .HZ Bestandsextensie Chinese (Hanzi) Text
157 .IBOOK Bestandsextensie IBooks E-book Data Format
158 .ICMT Bestandsextensie Adobe InCopy Template Format
159 .IGTX Bestandsextensie IGOR Pro Text Document Format
160 .IIL Bestandsextensie CleanSweep Installation Log
161 .IPSPOT Bestandsextensie IPhoto Spot Format
162 .ISDOC Bestandsextensie Information System Document Format
163 .ISDOCX Bestandsextensie Information System Document Archive Format
164 .ISPX Bestandsextensie IStudio Publisher Document Format
165 .IWA Bestandsextensie IBM Writing Assistant Text Document Format
166 .IWTPL Bestandsextensie WebSite X5 Template Format
167 .JARVIS Bestandsextensie Jarvis Subscriber Format
168 .JDM Bestandsextensie Jade Diagram Format
169 .JFM Bestandsextensie JetForm Filler Form Format
170 .JHD Bestandsextensie Jagannatha Hora Document Format
171 .JIS Bestandsextensie Japanese Industry Standard Text
172 .JLQM Bestandsextensie LG QuickMemo Note Format
173 .JOE Bestandsextensie JOE Document
174 .JP1 Bestandsextensie Japanese (Romaji) Text Format
175 .JRP Bestandsextensie Electric Quilt Document Format
176 .JRTF Bestandsextensie JAmes OS Rich Text Format
177 .JWPUB Bestandsextensie Bible Study Publication Format
178 .KES Bestandsextensie Kurzweil 3000 Document
179 .KLG Bestandsextensie Log Format
180 .KLIP Bestandsextensie KlipFolio Data Format
181 .KNT Bestandsextensie KeyNote Note Format
182 .KON Bestandsextensie Yahoo! Widget XML Format
183 .KOOB Bestandsextensie Koob E-Book Format
184 .KWD Bestandsextensie KWord Document
185 .LABA Bestandsextensie Labels & Addresses Project Format
186 .LATEX Bestandsextensie LaTeX Document
187 .LBT Bestandsextensie FoxPro Label Memo
188 .LINX Bestandsextensie Bridge Base Format
189 .LIS Bestandsextensie SQR Output Format
190 .LIT Bestandsextensie EBook Format
191 .LOG Bestandsextensie Log Format
192 .LP2 Bestandsextensie ILEAP Word Processing Document
193 .LRF Bestandsextensie Sony Portable Reader Format
194 .LRS Bestandsextensie Librie Reader Source Format
195 .LRX Bestandsextensie Sony Portable Reader Format
196 .LST Bestandsextensie Data List
197 .LTR Bestandsextensie Letter Format
198 .LTX Bestandsextensie LaTeX Document
199 .LUCI Bestandsextensie Amazon Kindle Fire Mobi Ebook Container Format
200 .LUCY Bestandsextensie HTC Scribble Note Format
201 .LUE Bestandsextensie Norton LiveUpdate Log Format
202 .LUF Bestandsextensie Lipikar Uniform Format
203 .LWP Bestandsextensie Lotus Word Pro Document
204 .LXFML Bestandsextensie LEGO Digital Designer XML Format
205 .LYX Bestandsextensie LyX Document
206 .MAN Bestandsextensie Unix Manual
207 .MART Bestandsextensie MartView EBook Format
208 .MATHML Bestandsextensie Mathematical Markup Language Document Format
209 .MAXFR Bestandsextensie MaxView Web Pointer Data Format
210 .MBOX Bestandsextensie E-mail Mailbox Format
211 .MBP Bestandsextensie Mobipocket Notes Format
212 .MCW Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word 5 For Mac Document Format
213 .MD5.TXT Bestandsextensie Message Digest 5 Hash Format
214 .MDH Bestandsextensie Madhyam Document Format
215 .MDJ Bestandsextensie StarUML Model Format
216 .ME Bestandsextensie Readme Text Format
217 .MELL Bestandsextensie Mellel Word Processing Format
218 .MELLEL Bestandsextensie Mellel Word Processing Document
219 .MMMP Bestandsextensie MindManager Pro 7 Map Part Format
220 .MMO Bestandsextensie RapidFile Memo Document Format
221 .MNT Bestandsextensie FoxPro Menu Memo
222 .MOBI Bestandsextensie Mobipocket EBook
223 .MSG Bestandsextensie Outlook Mail Message
224 .MSOR Bestandsextensie FiberTrace Document Format
225 .MSW Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word 5 Document Format
226 .MTX Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio Manual Test Text Format
227 .MVTX Bestandsextensie MindView Template Format
228 .MWD Bestandsextensie MarinerWrite Document
229 .MWP Bestandsextensie Lotus Word Pro SmartMaster Format
230 .N3 Bestandsextensie Notation3 Document Format
231 .NAT Bestandsextensie Natata EBook Format
232 .NCX Bestandsextensie EPUB Navigation Control XML Format
233 .NDOC Bestandsextensie Naver Word
234 .NFO Bestandsextensie Warez Information Format
235 .NJX Bestandsextensie NJStar Document
236 .NNA Bestandsextensie NeuralWare Data Format
237 .NOTE Bestandsextensie Notability For IPad Note Format
238 .NOTES Bestandsextensie Memento Notes Format
239 .NOW Bestandsextensie Readme Format
240 .NPDF Bestandsextensie Normal PDF Document Format
241 .NWCTXT Bestandsextensie NoteWorthy Composer Text Format
242 .OCR Bestandsextensie FAXGrapper Fax Text Format
243 .ODIF Bestandsextensie Open Document Interchange Format
244 .ODO Bestandsextensie Online Operating System Write Document
245 .ODT Bestandsextensie OpenDocument Text Document
246 .OFL Bestandsextensie Ots Format List
247 .OPD Bestandsextensie Durango Interferometry Software Document Format
248 .OPENBSD Bestandsextensie OpenBSD Readme Format
249 .OPF Bestandsextensie Open Packaging Format
250 .OPLX Bestandsextensie Omniplan Project Document Format
251 .OPSX Bestandsextensie Open Pedigree Standard Exchange Document Format
252 .ORT Bestandsextensie COREX Orthographic Transcriptions Format
253 .OSN Bestandsextensie Open Symbolic Notation Data Format
254 .OTT Bestandsextensie OpenDocument Document Template
255 .P7S Bestandsextensie Digitally Signed Email Message
256 .PAGES Bestandsextensie Pages Document
257 .PAGES-TEF Bestandsextensie Pages ICloud Document
258 .PBIT Bestandsextensie Microsoft Power BI Desktop Template Format
259 .PBIX Bestandsextensie Microsoft Power BI Report Format
260 .PDG Bestandsextensie SSreader Document Format
261 .PFS Bestandsextensie PhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection Format
262 .PHL Bestandsextensie Kindle Popular Highlights Format
263 .PJT Bestandsextensie FoxPro Project Memo
264 .PJTF Bestandsextensie Portable Job Ticket Format
265 .PLG Bestandsextensie Microsoft Developer Studio Build Log Format
266 .PML Bestandsextensie PADGen Program Information Format
267 .PMLZ Bestandsextensie Zipped Palm Markup Language Format
268 .POBI Bestandsextensie Kindle Touch Periodical Format
269 .PPDF Bestandsextensie Microsoft Rights Management PDF Protected Document Format
270 .PPTT Bestandsextensie OnlyOffice Online Office Converted Pptx Presentation Format
271 .PRC Bestandsextensie Mobipocket EBook Format
272 .PSW Bestandsextensie Pocket Word Document
273 .PUBLICATION Bestandsextensie Twixl Publisher Publication Data Format
274 .PVJ Bestandsextensie ProofVision Job Ticket
275 .PW Bestandsextensie Document Format
276 .PWD Bestandsextensie Pocket Word Document
277 .PWDP Bestandsextensie Password Pad Document
278 .PWDPL Bestandsextensie Password Pad Lite Document
279 .PWI Bestandsextensie Pocket Word Document
280 .PWORKS Bestandsextensie Printworks Project Format
281 .PZC Bestandsextensie EditPad Document Format
282 .Q&A Bestandsextensie Questions And Answers Document Format
283 .QDL Bestandsextensie QDL Program
284 .QIZ Bestandsextensie Exam Builder Quiz Format
285 .QMK Bestandsextensie YanCEyDesktop Quickmarks Format
286 .QVD Bestandsextensie Quaanta Interactive Media Desktop Format
287 .QVT Bestandsextensie Quantum Streaming Video Stream Url Format
288 .RAML Bestandsextensie RESTful API Modeling Language Document Format
289 .README Bestandsextensie Readme Format
290 .REP Bestandsextensie BusinessObjects Report Format
291 .REPORT Bestandsextensie Report Format
292 .RFF Bestandsextensie Roproc Format
293 .RHF Bestandsextensie Adobe RoboHelp Project Format
294 .RIS Bestandsextensie Research Information Systems Citation Format
295 .RM5 Bestandsextensie RevMan Review Document Format
296 .ROLF Bestandsextensie Relux Open Luminaire Format Document Format
297 .RST Bestandsextensie ReStructuredText Format
298 .RTF Bestandsextensie Rich Text Format
299 .RTFD Bestandsextensie Rich Text Format Directory Format
300 .RTF_ Bestandsextensie Rich Text Format - Mac Format Type Format
301 .RTX Bestandsextensie Rich Text Document
302 .RXF Bestandsextensie Recipe Exchange Format
303 .RZB Bestandsextensie Red Zion Book Format
304 .RZK Bestandsextensie File Crypt Password Format
305 .RZN Bestandsextensie Red Zion Notes Format
306 .RZS Bestandsextensie Red Zion Security Format
307 .S01 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Distribution Format
308 .S02 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Distribution Format
309 .SAFETEXT Bestandsextensie SafeText Format
310 .SAM Bestandsextensie Ami Pro Document
311 .SAMI Bestandsextensie Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange Format
312 .SAVE Bestandsextensie Nano Temporary Save Format
313 .SBPF Bestandsextensie Small Business Publisher Document Format
314 .SCRIV Bestandsextensie Scrivener Document
315 .SCRIVX Bestandsextensie Scrivener XML Document
316 .SCW Bestandsextensie Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
317 .SDM Bestandsextensie StarOffice Mail Message
318 .SDW Bestandsextensie StarOffice Writer Text Document
319 .SDXML Bestandsextensie SimpleDiagrams Diagram Format
320 .SEVZ Bestandsextensie Sevilla Compressed Tournament Format
321 .SGM Bestandsextensie SGML Format
322 .SIG Bestandsextensie Signature Format
323 .SIMP Bestandsextensie Software Ideas Modeler Project Format
324 .SKCARD Bestandsextensie Starfish Sidekick Card Format
325 .SLA Bestandsextensie Scribus Document
326 .SLA.GZ Bestandsextensie Scribus Compressed Document
327 .SMDF Bestandsextensie Surface Magic Design Format
328 .SMMX Bestandsextensie SimpleMind Mind Map Format
329 .SMS Bestandsextensie Exported SMS Text Message
330 .SPDESIGNSHTM Bestandsextensie Microsoft SharePoint Desginer Shtml Document Format
331 .SSA Bestandsextensie Sub Station Alpha Subtitle Format
332 .STMX Bestandsextensie STELLA XMILE Model Format
333 .STORY Bestandsextensie Storyist Document
334 .STPL Bestandsextensie Sevilla Template Format
335 .STPLZ Bestandsextensie Sevilla Compressed Template Format
336 .STRINGS Bestandsextensie Text Strings Format
337 .STW Bestandsextensie StarOffice Document Template
338 .STY Bestandsextensie LaTeX Style
339 .SUB Bestandsextensie Subtitle Format
340 .SUBLIME-PROJECT Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Project Format
341 .SUBLIME-WORKSPACE Bestandsextensie Sublime Text Workspace Format
342 .SUML Bestandsextensie Violet Simple UML Diagram Format
343 .SVSLIDE Bestandsextensie OpenSlide Sakura Virtual Slide Format
344 .SWDOC Bestandsextensie SymWriter Document Format
345 .SXG Bestandsextensie Apache OpenOffice Master Document
346 .SXW Bestandsextensie StarOffice Writer Document
347 .SYSML Bestandsextensie Systems Modeling Language Document Format
348 .TBKX Bestandsextensie ToolBook XML Project Format
349 .TCR Bestandsextensie Psion Series 3 EBook Format
350 .TDUMP Bestandsextensie JIRA Thread Dump Format
351 .TE1 Bestandsextensie UltraEdit Template Format
352 .TEMPLATE Bestandsextensie Apple Pages Template
353 .TEX Bestandsextensie LaTeX Source Document
354 .TEXT Bestandsextensie Plain Text Format
355 .TEXTCLIPPING Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Text Clipping Format
356 .THP Bestandsextensie TurboTax Text String Format
357 .TK3 Bestandsextensie TK3 Multimedia EBook
358 .TM Bestandsextensie TeXmacs Document
359 .TMD Bestandsextensie TextMaker Document
360 .TMV Bestandsextensie TextMaker Template
361 .TPC Bestandsextensie Topic Connection Placeholder
362 .TPNUEB Bestandsextensie Payame Noor University E-book Format
363 .TPZ Bestandsextensie Kindle Topaz EBook Format
364 .TR Bestandsextensie TomeRaider 2 EBook Format
365 .TR3 Bestandsextensie TomeRaider EBook Format
366 .TSC Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows WinHelp Related Format
367 .TTAX Bestandsextensie NEWTON Dictate Transcription Document Format
368 .TVJ Bestandsextensie TrueView Job Ticket
369 .TWH Bestandsextensie Task Wheel Project Format
370 .TXA Bestandsextensie Clarion Exported To Text Format
371 .TXSS Bestandsextensie LaTeX Document Format
372 .TXT Bestandsextensie Plain Text Format
373 .TXT7 Bestandsextensie E-Book Format
374 .TXTC Bestandsextensie E-Book Format
375 .U3I Bestandsextensie U3 Application Information Format
376 .UBZ Bestandsextensie Open-Sankore Document Format
377 .UNAUTH Bestandsextensie SiteMinder Unauthorized Message Format
378 .UNX Bestandsextensie Unix Text Format
379 .UOF Bestandsextensie Uniform Office Document
380 .UOT Bestandsextensie Uniform Office Document
381 .UPD Bestandsextensie Program Update Information
382 .USBLOG Bestandsextensie Usb Sniffer Log Format
383 .UTF8 Bestandsextensie Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
384 .UTXT Bestandsextensie Unicode Text Format
385 .V2T Bestandsextensie Voyage200 Text Format
386 .VBK Bestandsextensie VitalSource EBook
387 .VCT Bestandsextensie Visual Class Library Memo
388 .VELLUM Bestandsextensie Vellum E-book Project Format
389 .VERS Bestandsextensie Version Description Data Format
390 .VFK Bestandsextensie Czech Cadastral Exchange Data Format
391 .VNT Bestandsextensie Mobile Phone VNote Format
392 .VW Bestandsextensie Volkswriter Text Format
393 .VWI Bestandsextensie Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Diagram Format
394 .W52 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect For Windows Document Format
395 .WCN Bestandsextensie Writers Café Notebook Data Format
396 .WEBDOC Bestandsextensie Box.net Web Document
397 .WEBZ Bestandsextensie WEBZ Compressed EBook Format
398 .WL2 Bestandsextensie Well Logger Document Format
399 .WLB Bestandsextensie WinLabel Label Data Format
400 .WP Bestandsextensie WordPerfect Document
401 .WP4 Bestandsextensie WordPerfect 4 Document
402 .WP5 Bestandsextensie WordPerfect 5 Document
403 .WP6 Bestandsextensie WordPerfect 6 Document
404 .WP7 Bestandsextensie WordPerfect 7 Document
405 .WPA Bestandsextensie ACT! Word Processing Document
406 .WPD Bestandsextensie WordPerfect Document
407 .WPS Bestandsextensie Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
408 .WPSO Bestandsextensie WPS Writer Outward Document Format
409 .WPSX Bestandsextensie WPS Writer Document Format
410 .WPT Bestandsextensie WordPerfect Template
411 .WPTX Bestandsextensie WPS Writer Template Format
412 .WPW Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Format
413 .WRI Bestandsextensie Windows Write Document
414 .WSD Bestandsextensie WordStar Document
415 .WT4 Bestandsextensie Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet Template Format
416 .WTX Bestandsextensie Text Document
417 .WWI Bestandsextensie SAP EHS WWI Document Format
418 .X16 Bestandsextensie Macromedia Extra Document Format
419 .XBDOC Bestandsextensie Xiosis Scribe Document
420 .XBPLATE Bestandsextensie Xiosis Scribe Template
421 .XDL Bestandsextensie XML Schema Format
422 .XLINE Bestandsextensie XLine Mind Map Format
423 .XLIST Bestandsextensie XList Document Format
424 .XLOG Bestandsextensie Logging XML Database Log Format
425 .XLST Bestandsextensie OnlyOffice Online Office Converted Xlsx Spreadsheet Format
426 .XMDX Bestandsextensie SofTest Answer Data Format
427 .XMLTV Bestandsextensie Prog Guide Xmltv Data Format
428 .XMMMP Bestandsextensie MindManager Pro Map Part Format
429 .XTPS Bestandsextensie XTeam Document Format
430 .XWP Bestandsextensie XMLwriter Project
431 .XY Bestandsextensie XYWrite Document
432 .XY3 Bestandsextensie XYWrite III Document
433 .XYP Bestandsextensie XYWrite Plus Document
434 .XYW Bestandsextensie XYWrite For Windows Document
435 .YBK Bestandsextensie YanCEyWare EBook
436 .YDD Bestandsextensie Visual YANG Designer Document Format
437 .YES Bestandsextensie Quick Bible Document Format
438 .ZABW Bestandsextensie Compressed AbiWord Document Format
439 .ZSAV Bestandsextensie IBM SPSS Compressed Statistics Format
440 .ZW Bestandsextensie Chinese Text Format