Bestandsextensies die beginnen met de letter B

# Bestandsextensie Bestandsnaam
1 .B Bestandsextensie IBM Lotus Applause Batch List Format
2 .B!K Bestandsextensie Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery
3 .B&W Bestandsextensie Bitmap Image
4 .B00 Bestandsextensie Blindwrite
5 .B01 Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Image
6 .B02 Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Image
7 .B1 Bestandsextensie B1 Compressed Archive
8 .B16 Bestandsextensie PCO Image
9 .B2 Bestandsextensie Progress Database
10 .B24 Bestandsextensie Ovation Pro For RISC OS C Script
11 .B25 Bestandsextensie Ovation Pro For RISC OS DDL
12 .B26 Bestandsextensie Ovation Pro For RISC OS Style Sheet
13 .B27 Bestandsextensie Ovation Pro For RISC OS Document
14 .B2A Bestandsextensie Btoa Encoded Format
15 .B2D Bestandsextensie Brutus2D Source Code
16 .B2F Bestandsextensie RISC OS Windows Metafile
17 .B30 Bestandsextensie Ventura Publisher Printer Font
18 .B3D Bestandsextensie BodyPaint 3D Format
19 .B3P Bestandsextensie Native Instruments Battery Preset
20 .B4A Bestandsextensie Native Instruments B4 II Data Format
21 .B4F Bestandsextensie Burn4Free Project Format
22 .B4P Bestandsextensie Native Instruments B4 II Preset Format
23 .B4S Bestandsextensie Winamp Playlist Format
24 .B4U Bestandsextensie Visual ReadMe
25 .B5 Bestandsextensie MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary
26 .B5I Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Image Format
27 .B5L Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Image
28 .B5T Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Image Format
29 .B60 Bestandsextensie RISC OS PNG Bitmap Image
30 .B64 Bestandsextensie Base64 MIME-Encoded Format
31 .B6I Bestandsextensie BlindWrite 6 Disc Image
32 .B6L Bestandsextensie Blindwrite License
33 .B6T Bestandsextensie BlindWrite 6 Track Information Format
34 .BA Bestandsextensie Scifer External Header Archive
35 .BA1 Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows Media Center Report Log
36 .BA2 Bestandsextensie B.O.U.T. Evolution Low Res Texture Format
37 .BABL Bestandsextensie DeBabelizer
38 .BAC Bestandsextensie Backup Format
39 .BACK Bestandsextensie RMCProfile Coefficient
40 .BACKUP Bestandsextensie Backup Of Current ISAPI Application
41 .BACKUPDB Bestandsextensie Apple Time Machine Backup Folder Format
42 .BAD Bestandsextensie Exchange Badmail Format
43 .BADA Bestandsextensie Samsung Bada Data Format
44 .BADONGO Bestandsextensie Badongo Information Service
45 .BAF Bestandsextensie Battlefield 2 Animation
46 .BAFL Bestandsextensie BurnAware Format List
47 .BAG Bestandsextensie PMMail Mail Index
48 .BAGGAGE Bestandsextensie InstallAware Setup Dialog Baggage Format
49 .BAH Bestandsextensie BioWare Infinity Game Engine Data Format
50 .BAI Bestandsextensie BUILD2WIN Add-in
51 .BAK Bestandsextensie Backup Format
52 .BAK2 Bestandsextensie Microsoft FrontPage
53 .BAK3 Bestandsextensie Crysis Backup
54 .BAKA Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
55 .BAKX Bestandsextensie Finale Backup Format
56 .BAK~ Bestandsextensie AbiWord Auto-Saved Document
57 .BAL Bestandsextensie Borland Programming Language Source Code
58 .BALZ Bestandsextensie BALZ Compressed Archive Format
59 .BAM Bestandsextensie Bobs Adlib Music
60 .BAMBOOPAPER Bestandsextensie Bamboo Document
61 .BAMP Bestandsextensie Easy Button & Menu Maker Project
62 .BAN Bestandsextensie MegaHAL Non-keyword List
63 .BAND Bestandsextensie GarageBand Project Format
64 .BANK Bestandsextensie Darkest Dungeon Sound Data Format
65 .BAP Bestandsextensie Blaze Audio Wave Information Format
66 .BAR Bestandsextensie Age Of Empires 3 Data Format
67 .BAROC Bestandsextensie IBM Tivoli Console Adapter Description Format
68 .BAS Bestandsextensie BASIC Source Code Format
69 .BASEBINARY Bestandsextensie Apple Mac OS X AirPort Base Station Binary
70 .BASECONFIG Bestandsextensie AirPort Utility Setting
71 .BASEPROJ Bestandsextensie DNA Baser Sequence Aligner Project
72 .BASERPROJ Bestandsextensie DNA Baser Project Format
73 .BASEX Bestandsextensie BaseX Data Format
74 .BASH Bestandsextensie Unix Shell Script (bash)
75 .BASHRC Bestandsextensie Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell Format
76 .BASH_HISTORY Bestandsextensie Bash History Format
77 .BASH_LOGIN Bestandsextensie Unix Shell Script (bash)
78 .BASH_LOGOUT Bestandsextensie Unix Shell Script (bash)
79 .BASH_PROFILE Bestandsextensie Bash Interactive Login Shell Format
80 .BASIN Bestandsextensie HEC-HMS Basin Model Settings
81 .BAT Bestandsextensie Batch Format (executable)
82 .BATCH Bestandsextensie Switchball Game Data
83 .BATTLE Bestandsextensie Robocode Game Data Format
84 .BAU Bestandsextensie Apache OpenOffice AutoText Format
85 .BAV Bestandsextensie AVG Bat! Plugin Format
86 .BAW Bestandsextensie BrainLED AlfaWave Session
87 .BAX Bestandsextensie Bluebeam Revu Markup Document Format
88 .BAY Bestandsextensie Casio RAW Image
89 .BAZ Bestandsextensie Acomba Accounting Suite Backup
90 .BA_ Bestandsextensie Renamed BAT Format
91 .BB Bestandsextensie Blitz Source Code Format
92 .BB0 Bestandsextensie BBC Micro Picture Image Format
93 .BB1 Bestandsextensie BBC Micro Picture Image Format
94 .BB2 Bestandsextensie XBBS-OS/2, XGROUP, AV, ZTree Archiver Control
95 .BB3 Bestandsextensie BlasterBall 3 Level Format Support
96 .BB4 Bestandsextensie BBC Micro Picture Image Format
97 .BB5 Bestandsextensie BBC Micro Picture Image Format
98 .BBA Bestandsextensie BlueByte Archive
99 .BBB Bestandsextensie BlackBerry Backup (post 2012) Format
100 .BBC Bestandsextensie BBC BASIC Data Format
101 .BBCD Bestandsextensie BobCAD-CAM Document
102 .BBD Bestandsextensie Xilinx Black Box Definition Format
103 .BBE Bestandsextensie MindGenius Brainbloom
104 .BBF Bestandsextensie ScriptBasic Binary
105 .BBFW Bestandsextensie ITunes Firmware
106 .BBG Bestandsextensie CyberSports For Basketball Game
107 .BBI Bestandsextensie LinkOne Data
108 .BBK Bestandsextensie TreePad Backup
109 .BBL Bestandsextensie TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference Format
110 .BBLM Bestandsextensie BBEdit Language Module
111 .BBLX Bestandsextensie E-Sword Bible
112 .BBM Bestandsextensie Deluxe Paint Bitmap Image Format
113 .BBPROJECT Bestandsextensie BBEdit Project Format
114 .BBPROJECTD Bestandsextensie BBEdit Project Document
115 .BBR Bestandsextensie BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Manifest Data Format
116 .BBRKPUZZLE Bestandsextensie Puzzle
117 .BBRKSAVE Bestandsextensie Puzzle Started Status
118 .BBS Bestandsextensie Bulletin Board System Text
119 .BBSONG Bestandsextensie Beepola Data Format
120 .BBT Bestandsextensie BTwin Local Database
121 .BBTL Bestandsextensie BBEdit Tool Palette
122 .BBV Bestandsextensie PPLive
123 .BBW Bestandsextensie Band-in-a-Box Nterface
124 .BBX Bestandsextensie BrainBox Neural Network
125 .BBXT Bestandsextensie BBEdit
126 .BBZ Bestandsextensie BerryBuzz Backup Format
127 .BC Bestandsextensie BitComet Partially Downloaded Format
128 .BC! Bestandsextensie BitComet Incomplete Format
129 .BC5 Bestandsextensie Impression Document
130 .BC6 Bestandsextensie Cashflow Manager 2006 Backup
131 .BC7 Bestandsextensie Cashflow Manager 2007 Backup
132 .BC8 Bestandsextensie Cashflow Manager Backup Format
133 .BC9 Bestandsextensie Cashflow Manager Backup Format
134 .BCA Bestandsextensie Allplan Backup Catalog
135 .BCARD Bestandsextensie Business Card Composer Project Format
136 .BCB Bestandsextensie Borland C++ Builder
137 .BCC Bestandsextensie Borland C++ Format/makefile
138 .BCD Bestandsextensie Windows Boot Configuration Data Format
139 .BCF Bestandsextensie Business Card Designer Pro Format
140 .BCG Bestandsextensie Binary Coded Graph Data Format
141 .BCH Bestandsextensie Datalex Entrypoint 90 Data
142 .BCI Bestandsextensie Belarc Advisor Report Format
143 .BCK Bestandsextensie VMX Backup Format
144 .BCKP Bestandsextensie Ad-Aware Quarantined Format
145 .BCKUP Bestandsextensie Apple Time Machine Backup Format
146 .BCL Bestandsextensie Illumina Base Call Format
147 .BCM Bestandsextensie Business Contact Manager Format
148 .BCMX Bestandsextensie Business Contact Manager Customization
149 .BCN Bestandsextensie Business Card Design
150 .BCP Bestandsextensie Borland C++ Makefile
151 .BCPKG Bestandsextensie Beyond Compare Settings Package Format
152 .BCR Bestandsextensie Map&guide Station List
153 .BCS Bestandsextensie Boland Calibration Settings Format
154 .BCSS Bestandsextensie Beyond Compare Snapshot Data Format
155 .BCT Bestandsextensie Adobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache Format
156 .BCTPURI Bestandsextensie Vuze Data Format
157 .BCURI Bestandsextensie Vuze Data Format
158 .BCW Bestandsextensie Borland C++ Workspace
159 .BCX Bestandsextensie Beam Report Standard Definition
160 .BD Bestandsextensie BenDaglish Audio
161 .BD1 Bestandsextensie Map Block Location
162 .BD2 Bestandsextensie Lacerte Tax Tax
163 .BD3 Bestandsextensie Lacerte Tax Data Format
164 .BDAE Bestandsextensie Gameloft Game Data Format
165 .BDAV Bestandsextensie Mistaken M2TS Video Format
166 .BDB Bestandsextensie Microsoft Works Database Backup Format
167 .BDB2 Bestandsextensie BrainMaster Settings
168 .BDC Bestandsextensie Babylon Dictionary Format
169 .BDCM Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio BDC Model
170 .BDCR Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Studio BDC Resource
171 .BDCT Bestandsextensie BBEdit Dictionary
172 .BDD Bestandsextensie CARA Sound Radiation Data Format
173 .BDE Bestandsextensie Pro/ENGINEER Temporary
174 .BDF Bestandsextensie Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format
175 .BDG Bestandsextensie Badge Designer 2000 Photo ID
176 .BDH Bestandsextensie Silk Performer Include
177 .BDI Bestandsextensie Pro/ENGINEER Temporary
178 .BDIC Bestandsextensie Chrome Dictionary Format
179 .BDJO Bestandsextensie Java BD-J Object Descriptor
180 .BDK Bestandsextensie OS/2 Floppy Disk Image
181 .BDL Bestandsextensie CoCreate Bundle Format
182 .BDM Bestandsextensie AVHCD Information Format
183 .BDMV Bestandsextensie Blu-ray Information Format
184 .BDN Bestandsextensie Blu-ray BDN XML Subtitle Data Format
185 .BDOC Bestandsextensie DigiDoc Client Container
186 .BDOF Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Mod Effect
187 .BDP Bestandsextensie Exchange Diagnostic Message
188 .BDR Bestandsextensie Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body Format
189 .BDS Bestandsextensie Cadcorp SIS Base Dataset
190 .BDSGROUP Bestandsextensie BDS Project Group
191 .BDSPROJ Bestandsextensie BDS Project Format
192 .BDSTEMPLATELIB Bestandsextensie RAD Studio Template Library Format
193 .BDT Bestandsextensie Lingvo Dictionary
194 .BDT2 Bestandsextensie BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 2 Document
195 .BDT3 Bestandsextensie BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 3 Document
196 .BDTD Bestandsextensie Java Sun Binary DTD
197 .BDTP Bestandsextensie BaiduPlayer Media
198 .BDV Bestandsextensie BitDefender Vault
199 .BDW Bestandsextensie Budget Data
200 .BDX Bestandsextensie BitDefender
201 .BDY Bestandsextensie DMAP Boundary
202 .BEA Bestandsextensie Beamer Song
203 .BEAM Bestandsextensie Compiled Erlang Format
204 .BEAN Bestandsextensie Bean Rich Text Document
205 .BEB Bestandsextensie EEC Analyzer
206 .BED Bestandsextensie UCSC BED Annotation Track Format
207 .BEE Bestandsextensie Bee Archiver Compressed Archive
208 .BEH Bestandsextensie CRiSP Calibration
209 .BEJEWELED2DELUXESAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Saved Game
210 .BEK Bestandsextensie Shanda Bambook E-book
211 .BEL Bestandsextensie Belon Compressed Archive
212 .BEN Bestandsextensie SiSoftware Sandra
213 .BEP Bestandsextensie Beamer Playlist
214 .BEPF Bestandsextensie Adobe Big Endian Prebuilt Format
215 .BES Bestandsextensie MOBY Database
216 .BET Bestandsextensie BETA Source Format
217 .BETA Bestandsextensie Beta Programming Language Source Code Format
218 .BEVEL Bestandsextensie FontTwister Bevel
219 .BEW Bestandsextensie PTV VISSIM Cost Data Format
220 .BEX Bestandsextensie BOOM Extensions To Dehacked
221 .BEXPK Bestandsextensie PGP Binary Extracted Public Key
222 .BF Bestandsextensie CryoBF Game Data Format
223 .BFA Bestandsextensie Blowfish Encrypted Format
224 .BFB Bestandsextensie Zoo Tycoon 2 Game Model
225 .BFC Bestandsextensie Windows Briefcase Format
226 .BFD Bestandsextensie Linux BFD Rules Configuration
227 .BFE Bestandsextensie Bcrypt - BlowFish Format Encryption
228 .BFF Bestandsextensie Backup Format
229 .BFFM Bestandsextensie B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Game
230 .BFG Bestandsextensie Big Fish Games Application Format
231 .BFI Bestandsextensie Blaise Index
232 .BFL Bestandsextensie Colin McRae Rally 2 Game
233 .BFLI Bestandsextensie BFLI Image Format
234 .BFM Bestandsextensie Terminal Reality Model Format
235 .BFMV Bestandsextensie BfMeshView Workspace
236 .BFONT Bestandsextensie Need For Speed SHIFT Font
237 .BFP Bestandsextensie Benchmark Factory Project
238 .BFR Bestandsextensie Network Instruments Observer
239 .BFS Bestandsextensie FlatOut Game Data Format
240 .BFSAR Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Wii Effects Data Format
241 .BFT Bestandsextensie SmartWare Backup Transaction Definition
242 .BFVGER Bestandsextensie Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Game Version Format
243 .BFW Bestandsextensie SmartWare Backup Cross-tab
244 .BFX Bestandsextensie Bitware Fax Document
245 .BG Bestandsextensie Backgammon For Windows Game Data Format
246 .BG00 Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
247 .BG9 Bestandsextensie Atari Picture Image Format
248 .BGA Bestandsextensie OS/2 Graphic Array
249 .BGCF Bestandsextensie Greeting Card Design
250 .BGD Bestandsextensie ESRI Binary Raster Definition
251 .BGEO Bestandsextensie Houdini Binary Geometry Format
252 .BGF Bestandsextensie ZEMAX Binary Glass Catalog
253 .BGI Bestandsextensie BgInfo Configuration Format
254 .BGL Bestandsextensie Flight Simulator Scenery Format
255 .BGM Bestandsextensie Basic4GL 3D Object
256 .BGO Bestandsextensie Bigoven Recipe Card
257 .BGP Bestandsextensie Audio Data Format
258 .BGR Bestandsextensie Girder Binary Plugin
259 .BGT Bestandsextensie Graphics Accounts Data Format
260 .BGUI Bestandsextensie Need For Speed SHIFT GUI
261 .BGV Bestandsextensie BonanzaGraf Financial Presentation
262 .BGW Bestandsextensie Final Fantasy Music
263 .BGZ Bestandsextensie Blood Frontier Map Format
264 .BH Bestandsextensie BlakHole Archive
265 .BH2PCM Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
266 .BH3 Bestandsextensie Rise Of Nations Unit Graphic
267 .BHA Bestandsextensie Rise Of Nations Unit Graphic
268 .BHF Bestandsextensie PcAnywhere Host
269 .BHO Bestandsextensie Behold Organize Format
270 .BHP Bestandsextensie BHP Survey Tool Data
271 .BHS Bestandsextensie Rise Of Nations Script
272 .BHW Bestandsextensie Blophome Published Project Format
273 .BHX Bestandsextensie BinHex Encoded Format
274 .BI Bestandsextensie Microsoft Visual Basic For DOS Include
275 .BI? Bestandsextensie LoseThos Binary Executable
276 .BIB Bestandsextensie BibTeX Bibliography Database
277 .BIBTEX Bestandsextensie BibTeX Document
278 .BIC Bestandsextensie Civilization 3 Scenario Format
279 .BID Bestandsextensie BidMaker
280 .BIDLIST Bestandsextensie Bulk Image Downloader Data Format
281 .BIDQUEUE Bestandsextensie Bulk Image Downloader Queue Format
282 .BIDULE Bestandsextensie Bidule Layout Format
283 .BIE Bestandsextensie JBIG Image
284 .BIF Bestandsextensie BioWare Infinity Engine Format
285 .BIFF Bestandsextensie BioWare Infinity Engine Archive Of Resources Format
286 .BIFX Bestandsextensie Get Backup Project
287 .BIG Bestandsextensie Electronic Arts Game Data Format
288 .BII Bestandsextensie Basilisk II Data Format
289 .BIK Bestandsextensie BINK Video Format
290 .BIKEY Bestandsextensie Bohemia Interactive Key
291 .BIL Bestandsextensie ESRI BIL Format
292 .BILW Bestandsextensie ArcGIS BIL World Format
293 .BIM Bestandsextensie Bytessence InstallMaker Document
294 .BIMAGE Bestandsextensie Id Tech Texture Data Format
295 .BIMD Bestandsextensie Blue Ink Meta-data Export
296 .BIMX Bestandsextensie ArchiCAD BIMx 3D Scene
297 .BIN Bestandsextensie Binary Disc Image
298 .BIN3 Bestandsextensie LabVIEW Data
299 .BINA Bestandsextensie Microsoft Word 5 For Mac Document
300 .BINARYCOOKIES Bestandsextensie Safari Browser Cookies Package
301 .BINUI Bestandsextensie Call Of Juarez Game Menu
302 .BIN_ Bestandsextensie Emu8086 Assembly Source Code Format
303 .BIO Bestandsextensie Mudbox Bio 3D Format
304 .BIOEXCESS Bestandsextensie MyWinLocker Protected
305 .BIONIX Bestandsextensie Bionix Wallpaper List Format
306 .BIOT Bestandsextensie BiotSavart Magnetic Design
307 .BIP Bestandsextensie Character Studio Biped Format
308 .BIQ Bestandsextensie Civilization 3 Scenario Format
309 .BIT Bestandsextensie Xilinx Bitstream Format
310 .BITCFG Bestandsextensie Passmark Configuration
311 .BITMAP Bestandsextensie X Window System Bitmap Image
312 .BITPIM Bestandsextensie BitPim Configuration Format
313 .BITSTAK Bestandsextensie Bitstak Ransomware Affected Data Format
314 .BIX Bestandsextensie Civilization 3 Scenario Format
315 .BIZ Bestandsextensie Broderbund Business Card Format
316 .BIZDOCUMENT Bestandsextensie Actuate BusinessReport Studio Document
317 .BJF Bestandsextensie NTI Backup Now Related
318 .BJK Bestandsextensie Blaise
319 .BJO Bestandsextensie TabRite Tablature Format
320 .BJT Bestandsextensie LTspice Bipolar Design Data Format
321 .BK Bestandsextensie FrameMaker Book Format
322 .BK! Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
323 .BK0 Bestandsextensie Aspen HYSYS Backup
324 .BK1 Bestandsextensie Autodesk Backup Format
325 .BK2 Bestandsextensie Windows Indexing Service Data Format
326 .BK3 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
327 .BK4 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
328 .BK5 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
329 .BK6 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
330 .BK7 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
331 .BK8 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
332 .BK9 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
333 .BKB Bestandsextensie VariCAD Drawing
334 .BKC Bestandsextensie Backup4all Catalog Format
335 .BKD Bestandsextensie Book Library Local Dos Exploit
336 .BKF Bestandsextensie Windows Backup Utility Format
337 .BKG Bestandsextensie UWXAFS Project Binary Format Data
338 .BKI Bestandsextensie IBM BookManager Backup Index
339 .BKK Bestandsextensie BookBuddi EBook Format
340 .BKMK Bestandsextensie Yummy FTP Bookmark Format
341 .BKO Bestandsextensie Wisco Backup Outlook Backup
342 .BKP Bestandsextensie Backup Format
343 .BKPI Bestandsextensie Synology Hyper Backup Image Format
344 .BKR Bestandsextensie ReplaceEm Format Set
345 .BKS Bestandsextensie NTBackup Settings Format
346 .BKU Bestandsextensie Timeslips Backup
347 .BKUP Bestandsextensie Backup Format
348 .BKW Bestandsextensie FontEdit Image
349 .BKY Bestandsextensie Bookkey Bookmark/keyword Data
350 .BKZ Bestandsextensie FileFort Backup
351 .BL Bestandsextensie Binary Linework TIFF Bitmap Format
352 .BL1 Bestandsextensie DEGAS Elite Block Format
353 .BL2 Bestandsextensie DEGAS Elite Block Format
354 .BL3 Bestandsextensie DEGAS Elite Block Format
355 .BLA Bestandsextensie Adobe Black Colour Separation
356 .BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2 Bestandsextensie Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
357 .BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2SAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
358 .BLASTERBALL2DRM3SAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Blasterball 2 Save Game
359 .BLASTERBALL3SAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie BlasterBall 3 Saved Game
360 .BLB Bestandsextensie Blob Data Format
361 .BLD Bestandsextensie MegaPaint Picture Image Format
362 .BLEND Bestandsextensie Blender 3D Data Format
363 .BLEND1 Bestandsextensie Blender Document Backup Format
364 .BLEND2 Bestandsextensie Blender Document Backup 2 Format
365 .BLF Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows Vista And Windows 7 Registry Format
366 .BLG Bestandsextensie Windows Binary Performance Log Format
367 .BLI Bestandsextensie Thomson Speedtouch Firmware Format
368 .BLIF Bestandsextensie Berkeley Logic Interchange Format
369 .BLIGHT Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Mod Effect
370 .BLK Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Block Template Format
371 .BLKRT Bestandsextensie Block Artist Image Format
372 .BLL Bestandsextensie Borland Delphi Localization Information
373 .BLM Bestandsextensie Eurolink Comma Separated Value
374 .BLN Bestandsextensie Golden Software Blanking Format
375 .BLO Bestandsextensie IBM DB2 Binary Large Object Data Format
376 .BLOB Bestandsextensie Valve Steam Archive
377 .BLOCKPLT Bestandsextensie LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Block Palette Format
378 .BLOGTHIS Bestandsextensie Windows Live Writer Data Format
379 .BLP Bestandsextensie Blizzard Texture Format
380 .BLS Bestandsextensie Blockland Saved Game Format
381 .BLT Bestandsextensie AIM Buddy List
382 .BLTX Bestandsextensie BlaTeX Source Code Format
383 .BLU Bestandsextensie FileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
384 .BLUE Bestandsextensie EVE Online Texture
385 .BLUEBUTTON Bestandsextensie VA Blue Button Text
386 .BLUEJ Bestandsextensie BlueJ Package Format
387 .BLUESTACKS Bestandsextensie BlueStacks App Player Data Format
388 .BLV Bestandsextensie Might And Magic 6/7 Dungeon Level Geometry
389 .BLW Bestandsextensie Adobe Photoshop Black And White Presets Format
390 .BLX Bestandsextensie Magellan MapSend Map Data
391 .BLY Bestandsextensie FIFA World Cup Game Data Fe Art Load Game
392 .BLZ Bestandsextensie N-Gage Mobile Video Game Format
393 .BM Bestandsextensie X Windows System Bitmap Image
394 .BM1 Bestandsextensie Bio Menace Game Data Format
395 .BM2 Bestandsextensie Subspace Bitmap Format
396 .BM3 Bestandsextensie Sony Ericsson Backup Format
397 .BMA Bestandsextensie Compressed Archive
398 .BMAP Bestandsextensie Apple Macintosh Screen Font Format
399 .BMB Bestandsextensie Pro/ENGINEER Temporary
400 .BMC Bestandsextensie Bitmap Cache Format
401 .BMD Bestandsextensie MU Online Game Data Format
402 .BMD5 Bestandsextensie BookmarkingDaemon
403 .BMD6ANIM Bestandsextensie Id Tech 6 Animation Data Format
404 .BMD6MODEL Bestandsextensie Id Tech 6 Model Format
405 .BMDX Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
406 .BME Bestandsextensie BeatMania 7-Key Song Format
407 .BMF Bestandsextensie Binary Material Format
408 .BMG Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Wii Message Format
409 .BMI Bestandsextensie 3ds Max Plug-in
410 .BMK Bestandsextensie PowerDVD MovieMark Format
411 .BML Bestandsextensie Bean Markup Language Format
412 .BMM Bestandsextensie Tacmi Pixia Palette
413 .BMML Bestandsextensie Balsamiq Mockups Graphic
414 .BMO Bestandsextensie SIMATIC WinCC Script
415 .BMODEL Bestandsextensie Id Tech 6 Model Format
416 .BMP Bestandsextensie Bitmap Image Format
417 .BMP24 Bestandsextensie Bitmap Graphic
418 .BMPENX Bestandsextensie Encrypted BMP
419 .BMPP Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows Bitmap Image Format
420 .BMPR Bestandsextensie Balsamiq Mockups Document Format
421 .BMPSKIN Bestandsextensie Blaze Media Pro Skin Format
422 .BMPW Bestandsextensie Blender GIS World Data Format
423 .BMQ Bestandsextensie Re-Volt Texture
424 .BMS Bestandsextensie BeatMania Song Format
425 .BMT Bestandsextensie Alpha Five Image Library
426 .BMTP Bestandsextensie Bomes Midi Translator Project Format
427 .BMU Bestandsextensie BioWare Music Unit
428 .BMW Bestandsextensie W32/Liji-A Virus
429 .BMX Bestandsextensie Siemens Mobile Animations Format
430 .BMZ Bestandsextensie Compressed Bitmap Format
431 .BN4 Bestandsextensie Yamaha DX100 Voice
432 .BNA Bestandsextensie Atlas Boundary Format
433 .BNC Bestandsextensie Bojanov Encryptor Encrypted
434 .BND Bestandsextensie Neighbours From Hell Game Archive
435 .BNDL Bestandsextensie Game Data Bundle Format
436 .BNDLXML5 Bestandsextensie Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Game Data Format
437 .BNF Bestandsextensie IBM Voice Type Languages Map
438 .BNG Bestandsextensie The Bingo Maker Card Format
439 .BNHQ Bestandsextensie BinHex Archive
440 .BNI Bestandsextensie Blizzard Battle.Net Icon
441 .BNK Bestandsextensie Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
442 .BNL Bestandsextensie MicroSim PCBoard Netlist
443 .BNP Bestandsextensie Sony Camcorder Video Data Format
444 .BNR Bestandsextensie Nintento Wii Homebrew
445 .BNS Bestandsextensie Portal Script Format
446 .BNT Bestandsextensie Entropia Universe Game Archive
447 .BNX Bestandsextensie Board Neutral Exchange Data Format
448 .BNY Bestandsextensie Binary Ll Format
449 .BNZ Bestandsextensie The Bingo Maker Card Template Format
450 .BOB Bestandsextensie BOB Raytracer Bitmap Image
451 .BOBO Bestandsextensie ClarisWorks
452 .BOBTHEBUILDERSAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Bob The Builder: Can Do Zoo Save Game
453 .BOC Bestandsextensie EasyWord Big Document
454 .BOCHSRC Bestandsextensie Bochs Configuration
455 .BOD Bestandsextensie X3 Reunion Ship
456 .BOE Bestandsextensie Microsoft Outlook Express Backup
457 .BOF Bestandsextensie IBM Voice Type Languages Tasks Enroll
458 .BOH Bestandsextensie Europa Universallis 2 Game Data
459 .BOK Bestandsextensie TestGen Testbank Format
460 .BOL Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Course Setup
461 .BOM Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Bill Of Materials Format
462 .BONDS Bestandsextensie Ribbons Bonds
463 .BONK Bestandsextensie Bonk Audio Format
464 .BOO Bestandsextensie Booasm Compressed Archive
465 .BOOK Bestandsextensie FrameMaker Book Format
466 .BOOKEXPORT Bestandsextensie Booksmart Export Format
467 .BOOKTEMPLATE Bestandsextensie IBooks Author Document Template
468 .BOOKWORMDELUXESAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Bookworm Deluxe Saved Game
469 .BOOT Bestandsextensie InstallShield Format
470 .BOOTEFISIGNATURE Bestandsextensie Bootefisignature Mac OS X System
471 .BOOTSKIN Bestandsextensie Stardock Bootskin Format
472 .BOOTSTRAP Bestandsextensie Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Bootstrap
473 .BOP Bestandsextensie Business Office Pro Document Format
474 .BORLAND Bestandsextensie Borland C Makefile
475 .BOS Bestandsextensie Fallout Tactics Game Archive
476 .BOT Bestandsextensie Robot Arena Game
477 .BOW Bestandsextensie BO2K Data Format
478 .BOWERRC Bestandsextensie Node.js Data Format
479 .BOX Bestandsextensie E-mail Mailbox
480 .BOX3D Bestandsextensie Box Shot 3D Project
481 .BOXER Bestandsextensie Boxer For Mac Game Archive
482 .BOZ Bestandsextensie Bzip Compressed Archive
483 .BP Bestandsextensie DataFlex Business Process Object
484 .BP0 Bestandsextensie SmartWare Backup Project
485 .BP1 Bestandsextensie Smartware Backup Document
486 .BP2 Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
487 .BP3 Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
488 .BP4 Bestandsextensie SmartWare Backup Project
489 .BPA Bestandsextensie StorageSync Backup Archive
490 .BPB Bestandsextensie PowerDesigner Business Process Backup Format
491 .BPC Bestandsextensie BuildPro
492 .BPD Bestandsextensie Business Plan Pro Document
493 .BPDX Bestandsextensie Acrobat Batch PDX Format
494 .BPF Bestandsextensie BatchPhoto Profile Format
495 .BPG Bestandsextensie Borland Project Group
496 .BPH Bestandsextensie Blophome Locally Saved Project Format
497 .BPHYS Bestandsextensie Blender Cache Format
498 .BPI Bestandsextensie IBM Voice Type Languages New User
499 .BPJ Bestandsextensie Boxsim Simulation
500 .BPK Bestandsextensie Nero SecurDisc Public Key Format
501 .BPKEY Bestandsextensie Blender Publisher License Key
502 .BPL Bestandsextensie AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
503 .BPM Bestandsextensie Trados AutoSuggest Dictionary Format
504 .BPMC Bestandsextensie Bizagi Process Modeler
505 .BPMN Bestandsextensie Avantage Template
506 .BPN Bestandsextensie ArchiCAD Project Backup Format
507 .BPNUEB Bestandsextensie PNU EBook Format
508 .BPO Bestandsextensie DataFlex Business Process Object
509 .BPP Bestandsextensie Clarion Backup Application
510 .BPR Bestandsextensie Borland C++Builder Project Format
511 .BPRC Bestandsextensie Palm OS Desktop Data Format
512 .BPS Bestandsextensie BPS Virus Format
513 .BPSD Bestandsextensie Backup Plus
514 .BPT Bestandsextensie CorelDRAW Bitmap Master
515 .BPV Bestandsextensie BallPark Business Valuation Valuation Scenario
516 .BPW Bestandsextensie Bitser Password Format
517 .BPWX Bestandsextensie Blender GIS World Data Format
518 .BPX Bestandsextensie Truevision TarGA Bitmap Image
519 .BPZ Bestandsextensie Easy Blue Print Symbol Library
520 .BQF Bestandsextensie Backdoor.Win32.Ciadoor.bqf Trojan
521 .BQS Bestandsextensie BillQuick Database Format
522 .BQW Bestandsextensie ArcView World
523 .BQY Bestandsextensie Brio Query Format
524 .BR Bestandsextensie Omnis Data
525 .BR1 Bestandsextensie Total Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
526 .BR2 Bestandsextensie Total Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
527 .BR25 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
528 .BR27 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
529 .BR28 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
530 .BR29 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
531 .BR3 Bestandsextensie Bryce 3 Scene Format
532 .BR31 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
533 .BR32 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
534 .BR4 Bestandsextensie Bryce 4 Scene Format
535 .BR48 Bestandsextensie BMW IDrive Multimedia Data Format
536 .BR5 Bestandsextensie Bryce 5 Scene Format
537 .BR6 Bestandsextensie Bryce 6 Scene Format
538 .BR7 Bestandsextensie Bryce 7 Scene Format
539 .BRA Bestandsextensie Linux
540 .BRAGG Bestandsextensie Bragg Profile
541 .BRAIN Bestandsextensie PersonalBrain Mind Map Format
542 .BRASD Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Mod
543 .BRB Bestandsextensie Bryce Object Export
544 .BRC Bestandsextensie Bryce 2 Scene
545 .BRD Bestandsextensie EAGLE Circuit Board Format
546 .BRE Bestandsextensie Breuckmann Scanner
547 .BREFF Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Wii Animated Graphic
548 .BREFT Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Wii Animated Graphic
549 .BREP Bestandsextensie 3D Model
550 .BREW Bestandsextensie Homebrew
551 .BRF Bestandsextensie Braille Ready Format
552 .BRFNT Bestandsextensie Mario Kart Wii Font
553 .BRG Bestandsextensie ProjectWise User Settings Format
554 .BRH Bestandsextensie Baraha
555 .BRI Bestandsextensie Bryce Plug-in Format
556 .BRIDGECACHE Bestandsextensie Adobe Bridge Cache
557 .BRIDGECACHET Bestandsextensie Adobe Bridge Cache
558 .BRIDGELABELSANDRATINGS Bestandsextensie Adobe Bridge
559 .BRIDGESORT Bestandsextensie Adobe Bridge Cabinet
560 .BRIDGESUPPORT Bestandsextensie Bridgesupport Mac OS X Format Extension
561 .BRK Bestandsextensie Brooktrout Fax Format
562 .BRL Bestandsextensie MicroBraille Document Format
563 .BRLCAD Bestandsextensie BRL-CAD 3D
564 .BRLYT Bestandsextensie Wii Textures And Material Lists Format
565 .BRM Bestandsextensie Bryce Plug-in Format
566 .BRMDL Bestandsextensie Nintendo Wii BRMDL Model Format
567 .BRN Bestandsextensie BrainStorm Data Format
568 .BRO Bestandsextensie CreataCard Brochure Project
569 .BROGUESAVE Bestandsextensie Brogue Saved Game
570 .BROWSER Bestandsextensie ASP.NET Browser Definition Format
571 .BRP Bestandsextensie Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
572 .BRPX Bestandsextensie E-sword Bible Reading Plan
573 .BRR Bestandsextensie SNES BRR (Bit Rate Reduction) Audio Data Format
574 .BRRES Bestandsextensie Wii BRRES Resource Package
575 .BRS Bestandsextensie RoboHelp Browse Sequence Format
576 .BRSAR Bestandsextensie Wii BRSAR Audio Package
577 .BRSEQ Bestandsextensie Nintendo Wii Binary Revolution Sequence Format
578 .BRSTM Bestandsextensie BRSTM Audio Stream Format
579 .BRSTMSPM Bestandsextensie XWE Data Format
580 .BRT Bestandsextensie Booria Carpet Designer Robotuft Project
581 .BRTEX Bestandsextensie Wii BRTEX Texture
582 .BRU Bestandsextensie Brutus Restore
583 .BRUSHCATEGORY Bestandsextensie Corel Painter Brush Category Data Format
584 .BRUSHLIBRARY Bestandsextensie Corel Painter Brush Library Format
585 .BRUSHVARIANT Bestandsextensie Corel Painter Brush Variant Data Format
586 .BRV Bestandsextensie BraveViewer Thumbnail Cache
587 .BRW Bestandsextensie PointCentral Financial Institutions Loan Format
588 .BRX Bestandsextensie BREW Application Resource Format
589 .BRY2 Bestandsextensie Bryce 2
590 .BS Bestandsextensie Printfox/Pagefox Image Format
591 .BS1 Bestandsextensie VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration Format
592 .BS2 Bestandsextensie BASIC Stamp 2 Code Format
593 .BS4 Bestandsextensie Mikogo Session Video Recording
594 .BS7 Bestandsextensie Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin
595 .BSA Bestandsextensie Bethesda Softworks Archive
596 .BSAVE Bestandsextensie Quickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE Format
597 .BSB Bestandsextensie MapInfo Sea Chart Format
598 .BSC Bestandsextensie Visual Studio Source Browser Information Format
599 .BSCOMP Bestandsextensie Bootstrap Component Format
600 .BSCP Bestandsextensie Bitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) Profile Format
601 .BSCS Bestandsextensie Balanced Scorecard Designer
602 .BSCT Bestandsextensie Balanced Scorecard Designer Strategy
603 .BSD Bestandsextensie BSDL Format
604 .BSDESIGN Bestandsextensie Bootstrap Studio Design Project Format
605 .BSDF Bestandsextensie ZEMAX Scattering Distribution Data
606 .BSDIFF Bestandsextensie Cygwin
607 .BSDL Bestandsextensie Boundary Scan Description Language Format
608 .BSE Bestandsextensie CRiSP Harvest
609 .BSF Bestandsextensie Blu-ray AVC Video Format
610 .BSG Bestandsextensie Besiege Game Data Format
611 .BSH Bestandsextensie BeanShell Script
612 .BSI Bestandsextensie Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
613 .BSIG Bestandsextensie Clam Antivirus Binary Signature Format
614 .BSK Bestandsextensie Nero SecurDisc Private Key Format
615 .BSL Bestandsextensie BSPlayer Configuration
616 .BSM Bestandsextensie Bioshock Map
617 .BSMX Bestandsextensie BeerSmith
618 .BSMZ Bestandsextensie Compressed BSML
619 .BSN Bestandsextensie Autodesk TR-55 Detention Basin Storage Data
620 .BSON Bestandsextensie BSON Binary JSON
621 .BSP Bestandsextensie Quake Engine Game Map Format
622 .BSPEC Bestandsextensie SimCity 4 Bridge Length Specs Format
623 .BSPR Bestandsextensie Need For Speed SHIFT Track Map
624 .BSPROJ Bestandsextensie Banned Story Project
625 .BSQ Bestandsextensie BinScii Binary Archivne
626 .BSR Bestandsextensie Bacula Restore
627 .BSS Bestandsextensie Resident Evil Background Images Format
628 .BST Bestandsextensie BibTeX Style Document
629 .BSV Bestandsextensie Bluespec System Verilog
630 .BSW Bestandsextensie Business Scorecard Manager Workspace
631 .BSWX Bestandsextensie Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server Database
632 .BSX Bestandsextensie PBASIC Preprocessor Output
633 .BSY Bestandsextensie VTrain Learning Cardfile
634 .BSZ Bestandsextensie BSplayer Compressed Skin
635 .BT Bestandsextensie Binary Terrain Format
636 .BT! Bestandsextensie BitSpirit Incomplete Download Format
637 .BT0 Bestandsextensie Band-in-a-Box Temporary
638 .BT1 Bestandsextensie Battery Analyzer Test
639 .BT2 Bestandsextensie Batch Barcode Maker
640 .BT3 Bestandsextensie Control Runner Button Configuration
641 .BT5 Bestandsextensie ERP5 Business Template
642 .BTA Bestandsextensie Bend-Tech Assembly Format
643 .BTAPP Bestandsextensie UTorrent App
644 .BTAX Bestandsextensie Bend-Tech Assembly Format
645 .BTD Bestandsextensie Business-in-a-Box Document
646 .BTE Bestandsextensie BTEWin Script Format
647 .BTF Bestandsextensie NationsBank Check Images
648 .BTG Bestandsextensie FlightGear Scenery
649 .BTH Bestandsextensie Bathy Recorder Data
650 .BTI Bestandsextensie Nintendo Texture Format
651 .BTIF Bestandsextensie NationsBank Check Image Format
652 .BTINSTALL Bestandsextensie UTorrent Installer Format
653 .BTK Bestandsextensie CLwin Tekton Database
654 .BTKEY Bestandsextensie BitTorrent License Key
655 .BTL Bestandsextensie SolidWorks Sheet Metal Bend Table
656 .BTM Bestandsextensie BizTalk Map Format
657 .BTN Bestandsextensie Just Buttons Animated Bitmap Image Format
658 .BTO Bestandsextensie Bryce Tree Format
659 .BTOA Bestandsextensie Binary-to-ASCII Encoded Format
660 .BTPL Bestandsextensie BluffTitler Data Format
661 .BTPROJ Bestandsextensie Microsoft BizTalk Server Project Format
662 .BTQ Bestandsextensie Teradata Database Query Script Format
663 .BTR Bestandsextensie Btrieve Database Format
664 .BTREE Bestandsextensie Apple Mac OS HFS+ B-tree
665 .BTS Bestandsextensie Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR
666 .BTSEARCH Bestandsextensie BitTorrent Search Engine Format
667 .BTSKEY Bestandsextensie BitTorrent Sync Data Format
668 .BTSKIN Bestandsextensie µTorrent Skin
669 .BTST Bestandsextensie Norton SystemWorks Info
670 .BTT Bestandsextensie ICQ Find Users
671 .BTU Bestandsextensie Diablo BTU Calculator
672 .BTV Bestandsextensie AppleTalk Desktop Database Format
673 .BTW Bestandsextensie BarTender Label
674 .BTWSENDTO Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Related
675 .BTX Bestandsextensie InMagic Database Term/word Index
676 .BTY Bestandsextensie Railroad Tycoon 3 Building
677 .BU Bestandsextensie Pegasus Mail Temporary
678 .BUB Bestandsextensie Photobubble
679 .BUC Bestandsextensie Adobe Photoshop Elements Backup
680 .BUD Bestandsextensie Binary Printer Description Format
681 .BUF Bestandsextensie Buffer Format
682 .BUFFEREDIMAGE Bestandsextensie Java Class
683 .BUGSENSE Bestandsextensie BugSense
684 .BUILD Bestandsextensie NAnt Build Tool
685 .BUILDALOT2SAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Build-a-lot 2 Save Game
686 .BUILDALOT3SAVEDGAME Bestandsextensie Build-a-lot 3 Saved Game
687 .BUILDER Bestandsextensie Builder Script
688 .BUILDPATH Bestandsextensie Eclipse XML Build Path Format
689 .BUILDSETTING Bestandsextensie Twixl Publisher Settings Format
690 .BUJ Bestandsextensie Personal Backup Saved Task
691 .BUK Bestandsextensie Malicious Data Format
692 .BUL Bestandsextensie Bullseye Data Format
693 .BULK Bestandsextensie BulkZip Compressed Archive Format
694 .BULK-001 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume BulkZip Compressed Format Archive (part 1) Format
695 .BULK-002 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume BulkZip Compressed Format Archive (part 2) Format
696 .BULK-003 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume BulkZip Compressed Format Archive (part 3) Format
697 .BULK-004 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume BulkZip Compressed Format Archive (part 4) Format
698 .BULK-005 Bestandsextensie Split Multi-volume BulkZip Compressed Format Archive (part 5) Format
699 .BUM Bestandsextensie Poser Bump Formats Image Format
700 .BUN Bestandsextensie Cakewalk Bundle Format
701 .BUNDLE Bestandsextensie Mac OS X Application Plug-in
702 .BUNDLEDMESH Bestandsextensie Battlefield Bundled Mesh
703 .BUP Bestandsextensie DVD IFO Backup Format
704 .BUR Bestandsextensie BuRg3r Source Code Format
705 .BURN Bestandsextensie Burn For Mac OS X Document
706 .BURNOUTPARADISESAVE Bestandsextensie Burnout Paradise Saved Profile
707 .BURNTHEME Bestandsextensie Burn For Mac OS X Theme Document
708 .BUS Bestandsextensie VirtualBus Board Parameters Format
709 .BV1 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
710 .BV2 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
711 .BV3 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
712 .BV4 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
713 .BV5 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
714 .BV6 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
715 .BV7 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
716 .BV8 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
717 .BV9 Bestandsextensie Corel WordPerfect Overflow
718 .BVC Bestandsextensie IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
719 .BVD Bestandsextensie Bitdefender Vault Format
720 .BVH Bestandsextensie Biovision Hierarchy Animation Format
721 .BVI Bestandsextensie IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
722 .BVL Bestandsextensie Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Textures
723 .BVP Bestandsextensie Bluevoda Website Builder Format
724 .BVR Bestandsextensie Blue Iris Video
725 .BVS Bestandsextensie BVS Solitaire Collection
726 .BVW Bestandsextensie SmartWare Backup Standard View
727 .BVX Bestandsextensie OptiTune Install Package
728 .BVXD Bestandsextensie OptiTune Manifest
729 .BVY Bestandsextensie Breevy Text Snippet Format
730 .BW Bestandsextensie Silicon Graphics Image
731 .BW1 Bestandsextensie FMEA Database
732 .BWA Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Disk Information Format
733 .BWC Bestandsextensie BeadWizard Color Palette
734 .BWD Bestandsextensie Colin McRae Rally 2 Car Description
735 .BWE Bestandsextensie Black And White 2 Environment Data
736 .BWF Bestandsextensie Broadcast Wave Format
737 .BWG Bestandsextensie BrainWave Generator Audio Format
738 .BWI Bestandsextensie BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image
739 .BWM Bestandsextensie Blaise
740 .BWP Bestandsextensie BuRg3r Web Page
741 .BWS Bestandsextensie BlindWrite Sub Code Format
742 .BWT Bestandsextensie BlindWrite 4 Disk Image
743 .BWU Bestandsextensie Blindwrite CD Copier
744 .BWW Bestandsextensie Bagpipe Player Format
745 .BWX Bestandsextensie HP BridgeWorks Data Format
746 .BWZ Bestandsextensie WinImage Batch Configuration Format
747 .BX Bestandsextensie Opera
748 .BXB Bestandsextensie BasicX Compiled Project Bytecode
749 .BXF Bestandsextensie Breeder EXchange Format
750 .BXI Bestandsextensie Blaise
751 .BXL Bestandsextensie Accelerated Designs PCB Library Format
752 .BXM Bestandsextensie BasicX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
753 .BXML Bestandsextensie Bean XML
754 .BXP Bestandsextensie BasicX-24 Basic Express Compiler Module List
755 .BXRC Bestandsextensie Configuration
756 .BXU Bestandsextensie PictureGear Studio
757 .BXX Bestandsextensie BS Contact Parameter Format
758 .BXY Bestandsextensie NuFX Archive Within A Binary II Envelope
759 .BXZ Bestandsextensie Itaup.bxz Malware Data Format
760 .BY Bestandsextensie PSpice
761 .BYTES Bestandsextensie Unity Binary Text Asset Data Format
762 .BYU Bestandsextensie Movie.BYU Geometry Format
763 .BZ Bestandsextensie Bzip Compressed Format
764 .BZ1 Bestandsextensie WinTOTAL Automatic Backup
765 .BZ2 Bestandsextensie Bzip2 Compressed Format
766 .BZA Bestandsextensie IZArc BGA Archive
767 .BZABW Bestandsextensie Compressed AbiWord Document
768 .BZI Bestandsextensie Dariks Boot And Nuke Kernel Data Format
769 .BZIP Bestandsextensie Bzip Compressed Archive
770 .BZIP2 Bestandsextensie Bzip2 Compressed Archive
771 .BZM Bestandsextensie Business Map
772 .BZN Bestandsextensie Star Trek Armada Map
773 .BZP2 Bestandsextensie BZIP2 Archive
774 .BZPLUG Bestandsextensie Corel AfterShot Pro Plugin Format
775 .BZS Bestandsextensie BlueZone Script
776 .BZW Bestandsextensie BZFlag World Format
777 .BZZ Bestandsextensie BuzzBundle Project
778 .B~K Bestandsextensie Microsoft Windows 3.x Data Format